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What’s YOUR Lumia 920 experience today?

lumia920The Mobility Digest staff’s email has been all-WP today (okay, well, more than usual), and that’s to be expected as all of the Windows fans run off to the store today.  With my husband’s agreement (as long as the bills are paid, basically), I was allowed to borrow a little money before next Friday’s payday and I went to the AT&T store!

The store I went to is close to my Son’s after-school care place.  And I found out some very interesting things.

This particular store is not an AT&T corporate store – it’s an “Authorized Retailer.”  It says so, on the signage on the building.  Some folks on the email list are saying their stores have only black, or a few colors; this store actually had the Lumia 920 in black, white, red, cyan, AND yellow!  (They had the mock-ups in black, red, and white.)  As my motto is “Tech Must Be Black,” I got black. Colors are for covers.

They also dropped this little nugget: the wireless charging plate deal is at the corporate stores only. So if your heart is set on a charging plate, you should make sure you go to the right store.  Now, I could have picked up my son, driven past my house, and then gone about the same distance the other way and checked out a corporate store.  That’s when they guy said, “But we’re selling it for $79.99.”  I’m a part-timer who pays for childcare out of my pocket: Cha-CHING.  The plate is a nicety, but NOT a necessity; heck, knowing me, I’d probably lose the silly thing anyway. And flat spaces are quickly covered around here. 

And if I really want one, maybe I’ll ask for one for Valentine’s Day.  😉