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New educational WP7 app Math Rocks! by Tarasov Mobile hits Marketplace this week

Tarasov Mobile expands its lineup of productivity apps and services by adding a new WP7 app geared to high school students. Created in partnership with, the leading Russian WP7 community portal, Math Rocks! offers tools for solving a wide range of math problems using any Windows Phone 7 device.

The app will help students to deal with integrals, non-linear and differential equations, optimize functions, generate distributions and draw plots. It may also be useful for researchers, scientists and everyone who is interested in Math. “Our main goal was to develop an app which would keep high school students motivated to learn science and get used to the idea that Math is not about pointless numbers and figures – it’s about making things work”, said Alex Krakovetskiy, the founder of

Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, Math Rocks! is a perfect showcase of the fact that a smartphone could not only be an entertainment gadget but a serious educational assistant as well. “The idea behind this app is hardcore math implemented in WP7 metro-style”, said Dmitriy Tarasov, CEO of Tarasov Mobile.

Despite of many math-related apps available in Marketplace, this product is created specifically for tech-geeks and would help to calculate a trajectory, solve a real-life physics task, find an integral and help students to get familiar with different computational methods.
That’s right, it is almost rocket science in a pocket 🙂

Price and availability
Math Rocks! can be purchased for 0,99$ (free trial is available)

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