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Windows 8 preview in a 32 minute long video

The 5 minute video preview of Windows 8 wasn’t long enough for you? We know, it wasn’t for us too. So, here is a 32 minute long video of Windows 8, which was previewed at Computex.

So, Windows 8 is indeed going to run on all Windows based devices which includes laptops, desktops, tablets and even on Windows Phone (in future.) And oh, it will also run on current Windows based devices and it’s smart enough to detect your screen resolution and adapt to it, that is, if your monitor isn’t a widescreen one then you wouldn’t be able to do that snap thing – using two apps at same time side by side.

Another thing we learned from the video is that, Windows 8 automatically disables the Metro UI if your screen display is 1024 x 600 resolution. So you see Metro UI haters, there will be obviously a way to disable the Metro UI – but we don’t see any particular reason to do it when both the classic and Metro UI can work together seamlessly.

The video: