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Windows Phone 7 Apps – They’re Going Gold

Normally now I’m bringing you new apps (and I got a few) but today we’re going to start with a few apps that are now submitted to the WP7 market so they should be ready at release.

Let’s start with A Beanstalk Tale from DiNoGames that’s now ready for submission and a trial mode was activated. The trial mode will place a ‘trial’ stamp on the screen plus you can’t submit online scores but the game is fully playable. This is the ‘jumpy’ type game: ported from Zune HD

Matchingo is in ‘near final’ version but rumor has it that it’ll be completed by Monday. This is the matching game that’s customizable and can vary from kids to adults

Next we have the final version of Scribble Defense, the tower defense game that mimics a hand drawing that’s now final. here’s the official descriptions:

You are the Scribble Meister, a master of inks and the powerful protector of the Scribbles. As their only line of defense, you must protect the innocent Scribbles from the unrelenting march of vicious Scrawls. Manifest destructive towers to devastate enemies with powerful attacks, or deploy kinetic towers to manipulate enemies and the very paths they use to assault you. Each level provides its own challenge, as it is not just a backdrop, but a puzzle that will dare you to use your towers creatively. Are you ready for the Scrawls? The Scribbles need your help, defend them!

And from the same developer we get the final release of Zombie Epidemic Simulator.

The Zombies have taken over the world but fear not as HERO (Human Epidemic Response Officer) units are at hand. But before a junior Controller like you can take on the zombies, you must train how to control these HERO Units from the Zombie Epidemic Simulator. Control 3 different units with 2 unique abilities each. Zombie encounters are not the typical shambling zombies, the simulator also contains dog zombies, pig zombies, and rage zombies each with unique abilities and different ways of dealing with them. Each battlefield simulation will present unique defense positions as well as hazards that will match the type of zombie you will be facing.

OK, want new stuff? How about a voice recorder but extra time was put in to make it easy to find old recordings and play them bac in a nice looing package, and it even incldues graphics that mimic the sound waves in real time:

Back to games, here’s Match Buster which lets you improve or hone your math skills by giving you match equations with varying difficulties that you need to solve against the clock:

And let’s wrap up tonight with the tower defense game CryoDefense on a real device that’s “not 100% done but getting there.”

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