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DioDict with Collins Dictionary Available From Samsung For WP7

A new app is appearing in Marketplace called DioDict with Collins Dictionary. It’s from Samsung so it’s likely a Samsung exclusive (so you need one of their phones) but it’s not appearing in the Samsung Zone (it’s in the free apps) so I’m not sure where it falls yet. Getting to the app, it’s a dictionary plus. You can search through the dictionary (and it has live search so it’s searching as you type), flashcards and a metro theme. They note that there’s an English, Portuguese, German, French, Spanish and Italian dictionaries (just hit the ‘refresh’ icon to change dictionaries). It even gives examples of the word in a sentence and in the settings you can enable the tilt sensor so you can pan through pages by tiling your phone which is neat. It comes in at a whopping 38megs so everything is local here (not searching the cloud/using data lie most dictionary apps) and it’s free. So you know, it’s technically DioDict3.

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