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Windows Phone 8 Focus: Sharing Your Location


One of the new abilities that Windows Phone 8 brings to the table is the ability to share your location by text. It’s a fairly simple task to do so. Simply go into a message conversation or start a new one. Next click on the attach button and you’re presented with a list of options including picture, video, my location, voice note and contact. Simply choose the “my location” option and you’re done. Just send the text as you normally would and your significant other or friends can get a real time glimpse of where you’re at.

This is a much needed feature for people who travel a lot or frequently meet friends at various events or venues. I’ll be using it pretty much weekly as I’ve began to travel a lot for both business and personal reasons. Letting my wife know my exact location when I stop is a lot easier and I can do so without interrupting whatever is going on with her. Peace of mind for a lot of people, convenience for others. Useful for tons.

Video: Windows Phone Channel

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