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Windows Phone 8 is vaporware

imageIn the US, Windows Phone 8 is a nonexistent product. It’s a thing people have spoken about on the internet but that’s about it. There’s an occasional tv ad about it as well but they don’t use carrier or specific information. The proof lies on the ground. If you think I’m wrong go try to buy a Windows Phone now. Walk into an AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint store and leave with a phone running Windows Phone 8. It’s a fantasy. In NYC AT&T has no stock of Windows Phones. None. And for the most part it’s not because of long lines – it’s because of a lack of stock. While T-Mobile is supposed to start sales today, a few calls in the area turned up limited to no stock (assuming you even knew they released it). Verizon is rumored to have this magical device in December and Sprint…well maybe 2013.

Bottom line is that if you can’t buy a device, it doesn’t exist. No point advertising it. It’s hard to tell if the thing is even launched or not. There’s no media blitz but how can there be if you can’t actually obtain the thing?

This isn’t how you launch a hero device or a platform.