In what is probably one of Microsoft’s remaining trump cards to be unveiled next Monday a leak has given Windows Phone uses plenty of reason to be excited. WPCentral’s Daniel Rubino has posted about the inclusion of this feature and its significance beyond delivering eye candy. Its well worth the read. Personally I’m ecstatic as this feature isn’t limited to just 1st party apps. I’m sure there are more than a few creative devs who can’t wait to sink their teeth into this feature.

To read more skip over to WPCentral’s article here: WP8 Live Wallpapers

Source: WPCentral via Nokia Innovation


  1. Since I have used Windows XP on my desktop up until tonight, I had never seen an action version of the Bing background in Windows 7 until the other day. I was very surprised to so motion in the background image. I’m thinking this may be coming to WP8 also. That would be cool.

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