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Your Windows Phone 7 Games For Today

Alright, now that Windows Phone 7 is getting closer and closer to launch we’re really starting to see a ton of apps being demoed, and just think how many people are keeping their apps close to their chest. Anyway, let’s do this:

Let’s start with Sky War, a classic shoot ‘em up. Game play looks clean and simple, reminding me of classic games but of course some elements (like the explosions) look modern…and it works well together

Drink Smart is an app that helps you calculate if you’ve had a few too many but unlike the standard app, this one has some great little tests to help confirm your sobriety. Yup, if you can’t count the number of rectangles, you’re drunk. And it uses a simple stop light to indicate if you should be driving.

Next up is Tip-O-Matic which is a full fledged tipping app that seems to have a ton of option. And actually, no it doesn’t look Metro but it seems to score well on functionality. And no, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, the  comments are impossible to read:

Glow Puzzle is a logic/puzzle game where you have to trace a line to cover all of the lines without going over the same line twice. It’s a straight logic game that seems painfully easy and frustrating as you try to get through the levels:

Battleships is…yup a Battleships clone. There’s a clock race here as well though and combined with the sounds it actually presents itself as more than just a clone:

I didn’t want to do this, but I have no choice…Burps is a take on the classic fart app (really?). First you feed ‘em and then you pull their finger and it burps. Don’t think about it too long:

The only way to redeem myself is with a toddlers game. GigglePad is a game for infants as young as 9 months. The first mini-game lets toddlers tap the screen and a letter, number or shape appears and it says what it is. If you tap and drag then the image replicates itself and it plays a song. The second mode is a fake telephone where the toddler can dial away, press send or hear a song. It works well and anyone with a kid knows that you own about ten toy phones so having this on your real phone is probably the easiest way to ensure you have a toy on you at all times:

Need a little inspiration? How about 400+ inspirational quotes for Windows Phone 7:

And let’s end with something different. Not a prospective app, but a completed app ready for submission to marketplace. It’s an app we’ve shown before: Scribble Defense (which is also available for Xbox). it’s a tower defense style game that’s very refined and there’s a lot of action going on while being easy on the eyes:

Not bad for a days work…keep it up devs!