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Windows Phone 8 vs BlackBerry 10 Commercial Faceoff

Its March Madness time. The time where people who are even remotely interested in basketball tune in to hours and hours of college basketball. It is one of the highest rated television periods each year. Companies try to maneuver and debut new commercials for their products & services taking advantage of the tens of millions of viewers tuning in each day and grab as much exposure as they can. The two mobile phone OSs most consider serious candidates for third position behind Android and iOS (BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8) have launched commercials during the games. If you’re going to have a commercial it better be effective or it is just a giant money pit. Let’s see how each of them stacks up and who’s advert is the most effective.

BlackBerry Z10 Commercial (feat. BlackBerry Z10)

Windows Phone 8 (feat. Nokia Lumia 920)

For my money the Windows Phone 8 commercial is more effective because it shows one of the most popular tasks consumers use their phones for (pictures) in a simple and related way. It then has a simple tag line and call to action statement. The statement “its like a professional camera” will resonate with consumers. People like to repeat things they see or hear on TV as if it was gospel. The commercial then ends with a look at what Brittany’s Lumia looks like. Its personalized to suit her.

BlackBerry is clearly trying to invoke a positive visceral response when we hear BlackBerry Hub. They also spend much of the commercial drawing your attention to the moving scenes and not towards the device itself. Finally the commercial is 30 seconds in length. The device appears for a total of 10 seconds and of those ten seconds 3 seconds were wasted trying to show off the Peek feature. They didn’t show the device being superior or better in any way. Very few people in the U.S. have BlackBerry devices anymore or know people who do so the draw to BlackBerry Hub is negligible at best.

Winner: Windows Phone 8