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Chicken Invaders 3 Comes From iOS and Android to Windows Phones

Nice to see more studio titles make their way to Windows Phones. Chicken Invaders 3 has been available for iPhones and Android and now it’s here for Windows Phones. It’s a space shooter with one finger controls – where you press takes control of the plane and starts shooting. You can also use power ups and do single shots but the controls are easy enough to play casually until you start to get to the harder boards and graphically it’s awesome. It has a full story line as well and it’s a ton of fun. Here’s a video to show you what it’s like:

it has a free trial and it’s definitely worth giving a shot. If you want to own it, it’s just $2.50 after that but for a game with this level of production you’ll see why it’s not a $.99 title and deserves the price.

You can check it out here.