Go to the ATT Website to buy your new Windows Phone device now! They just went up for sale online. So if you can not make it to you local ATT store, this is the way to go to get you device as soon as possible. Click, pay, ship and have fun!


  1. Sadly it seems that the upgrade price is $299. May be just my plan, but I’ll never understand why existing customers seem to get the worst of the deals. Is it just me or are others seeing the same upgrade price?

  2. I saw $299, too. I assumed it’s because I’m a Premier customer. I’m going to try a retail store this morning.

  3. @Norcal Colby: Are you upgrading or buying new? New customers definitely get $199. We weren’t sure on upgrade prices.

    I will admit that the overall discounts probably more than make up for that difference over a 2 year period, but still a little disappointed by the price difference if this is a premier thing.

  4. Well, I did try my local retail store. I was there when they opened at 9:00. Turns out they heard the release date changed to yesterday, so they started selling phones and they all sold out. They only had 2 Samsung Focuses.

  5. @Andrew: Got an advantage there – my local stores weren’t open yesterday for whatever reason. :) Not sure what the deal is with the limited number of devices, though. I guess I can always fall back to ordering online and waiting a couple of days if necessary. :(

  6. I had mine put on hold before the release date, but what i remember is that it cost me around 250 total. as far as the online price goes, i thought that was simply the price minus a discount for 2year contract… other wise the phone is definatley more than $199. I used an upgrade

  7. hey everyone! i have happily gotten my phone and i am a premiere member. the issue with the price is you need to have a qualifying data and voice plan for it to be 199 instead of 299. if you upgrade your plan you will get the lower price. good luck getting your new phones!

  8. @MAK: Was wondering about that. I walked into the store, purchased the phone, and it rang up at $199, but online the price to upgrade was $299. Glad I went to the store. No line when I went earlier which is always a bonus. Only major issue was the alarm wasn’t stuck on very well and kept coming off the device (and it wasn’t charged when I got there). Generally enjoying the device with the little time I’ve had to really mess with it.

  9. We need to write customer reviews on ATT’s website! there are none yet for the focus or the surround. That will definitely boost people’s confidence about these phones

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