OMG get me a phone already! Check this latest app out (a Windows Phone 7 exclusive). It’s like one of those books where you get to pick your adventure, but it’s more of a drama tv style action thing. Know what? I should let them explain it:

Timedancer is new interactive experience which marries the excitement of great episodic television with the thrill of “point and click” gaming and puzzle solving.  Chaos Created, led by creators Arivind Abraham and Ali Maggs, have been working with Microsoft to bring a whole new format to the world of mobile gaming, exclusively on Windows Phone 7.

Set in the near future, Timedancer chronicles the lives of Tempus, Vivien, Ben, Kazuo and Adam, each of whom have their own agendas, but whose fates are intertwined across the fabric of time and space through the mysterious Timedancer Corporation

Just check it out in action:

Very interesting. Here’s the full press release


  1. reminds me of the goosebumps books when i was a kid that allowed you to “choose the fate” of the characters. haha.

  2. Why is it the games on Windows Phone 7 are so choppy? It’s like these first gen handsets are missing the “oomph” seen on iPhone and some high-end Android handsets. I bought the handset based on the smooth UI – unfortunately the apps don’t appear to harness and capture the same smooth responsive user-experience.

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