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Word Punk–Elbert Perez’s Latest Free Game Hits The WP7 Marketplace

Elbert Perez’s latest game just hit Marketplace. It’s called Word Punk and yup, it’s a word game:

You are a Word Punkster. You know you love words and have a expansive list of them in your head. Well now is your time to show how punkstatic you are. Using the Word Punk Machine, type in all the words you know using the letters given. Get a word right and you get new letters. Simple and Brilliant!
– Create up to 10 letter words using normal English, gamer terms, sci-fi words, and anime terminology.
– Get better score by typing in longer words which will power up keyboard letters, and grant bonus points
– Compete against other Word Punks out there, and show them who is boss punk!
I’ve added the ability to directly comment to me from the game, if you come around a word that you think should be added to the game feel free to let me know.
I will be updating the game with more terminology crowd sourced from you the players!

Here’s a video of it when it was in alpha so you can see how it plays:

Considering his track record you can expect a solid release. It’s available now.

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