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Windows Phone News: Battery Life, Data Use and More Apps

There have been questions about the battery life of Windows Phone as well as the data use (since it’s all syncing through the cloud) and questions about the number of available apps at launch. Well, good news on all fronts. On the data side, Paul Thurrott has shared some info based on his actual data use as he’s moved from an iPhone to Windows Phone. The results? Looks like there’s a decrease in data use despite ‘the cloud’.  image

A few notes here though. July was split between both devices and August had inflated data usage (since data was prepaid so he was using it up). Paul also notes that a lot of apps are too large to download OTA so you need to sync them locally and the WP7 games are not multiplayer (real time) yet. He was also streaming Zune Pass through wifi. It’s still encouraging that there’s not a spike in data usage as more carriers shift to tiered plans. [In unrelated notes, he’s played with all AT&T WP7 devices and prefers the Focus and there’s no visual voicemail in WP7]

On the batter front, Chainfire noted that with light usage he gets “about 50 hours” on the LG GW910 (which is a Panther so it’s not final hardware/software which should be even more optimized). In response, l3v5y noted that “In light use they last ages. In heavy use, battery life is a day or so fairly comfortably.” Yeah so that blows away my HD2 by days…
And let’s wrap this up with some notes on the new Marketplace. We know there are more apps than are loaded now. Some devs have stated that they are holding off (there’s no need to show their hands when there aren’t a lot of buyers yet) and we know a large number of apps/games that are ready to go but aren’t in the market yet and we’re starting to see a lot of the apps coming in (like Netflix, Foursquare and Seesmic that all appeared within the past day). Well Jesse Liberty (a “Senior Community Program Manager in Microsoft Developer Guidance, focused on Windows Phone 7”) stated on a podcast that there are apps being held back from the store until launch as a surprise so you can expect a spike in available apps when devices are live.

OK that’s all good news so far…you happy with what you’re hearing?