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Windows Phone Travel Tip: High Contrast Is Your Friend

Something that we tend to forget is that not all screens are built alike. My Lumia 1020 is rocking an Amoled screen while my previous phones all had LCD screens. One of the big benefits of Amoled is that the entire screen doesn’t have to be lighted all the time.

Windows Phone users who have Amoled screens can turn on High Contrast mode in Ease-of-Access to get more out of the battery. How is this accomplished? High Contrast mode, when turned on, strips away the color from most tiles leaving only a white border and tile logos which are displayed in white. Everything in-between the border and logo tends to be all black.

I hope this helps someone in their time of need. I’m applying this tip as I write this on my Lumia 1020 in the airport waiting on my connecting flight. Battery life at just over 75% despite playing about 10 minutes of Halo: Spartan Assault, listening to music and reading Twitter.