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Windows Store Experience Inside Best Buy Walkthrough

Today I was out doing channel checks and stopped in at a Best Buy. I didn’t know that this particular Best Buy had a Windows Store Experience so this caught me by surprise. This one was in Killeen, Texas. Luckily I now carry the Nokia Lumia 1020 as my daily driver which makes for a great in-the-field photo and video camera. The store was well laid out, featured partner devices all arranged by type and the space allocated to the Windows Store is significant, to say the least. Bright bold colors can be seen on the wall as the familar tiles adorn the walls in the Windows Store. By contrast the Apple and Samsung sections were puny and bland.

There wasn’t a ton of traffic in the area in the 10 to 15 minutes I was in the store but I did witness employees thoroughly explaining each devices plus and minuses. One thing that I did notice that was disappointing is there was no space allocated to Windows Phone. The highlight of the experience was overhearing what appeared to be the Windows Store manager answer a customer’s question regarding Office 365 subscription. The customer, an older gentleman with his teenage son in tow, got a first-class explanation of what Office 365 is, the benefits of it and a demonstration on the features already covered. I was blown away by this salesman’s knowledge and ability to convey it in a meaningful way. Check out the pics & video below.