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PSA: Keep the Little Munchkins Away From Your Laptop


So, my company CEO calls me and asks if I can get into her laptop. Thinking that it’s infected with something, I ask if it will turn on, does it lockup on boot, etc.? Then she clarifies. Apparently, her granddaughter spit up on the keyboard and she tried to clean it off. Now, nothing will turn on.

She called Best Buy (where she purchased the laptop) and explained the situation to them. They advised that as baby puke is considered a biohazard, they wouldn’t touch it. I don’t do well with stuff like this, (and have never even seen this “mostly at home” machine), so I sort of dodged the issue. She is going to take it to a local shop for an evaluation. Not sure what their “biohazard policy” may be. Hopefully, she can at least retrieve the hard drive. Note to self. Always tell them it was tea.

Another good reason to buy a Surface 2 Pro with a detachable, disposable keyboard. Hell, the touch cover would have survived this calamity unscathed with a quick rinse.  Although I probably could never type on it knowing it’s history. Oh, and here is some irony. Hubby actually wanted to get her a Surface Pro for Christmas last year (kept asking me about  availability). But of course, the Pro was not released until January. Oh well. You can thank Murphy for that.