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WP7 Apps Today–Includes Bouncing Cows

Ok let’s go through some new games/apps that appeared for Windows Phone 7 today. And let’s start with bouncing cows to get them across a river. Yeah, you heard me. It actually looks fun but I hope that there are levels so the game progresses (like a wolf falls and you don’t want to save it or something). Oh and it’s called Cowabunga – nice:

OK bouncing cows calls for some redemption, so let’s go to NewDay, which provides a Bible verse every day. This app is available on most other platforms and you’ll notice that it’s not WP7 themed (nothing necessarily wrong with that). This is filled with inspirational quotes, 3 languages and the ability to share inspiration.

Next up is Reversi which is a Reversi/Othello game:

So let’s end it with FallBall. It’s one of those games where the balls are coming at you and you need to avoid them from hitting you. The only difference with this version is that the balls continue to bounce off the walls and not just go off the screen. There are also graphics, and not stick figures, but I can go either way with that. Anyway, here it is:

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