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WP7 ineedthisapp Contest Winners Disappoint

So MS held that ineedthisapp contest to try to get all of you to submit your app ideas and they would make the best one free in the market. Well we have the winners and runners up…and I’m not too impressed. First, Grand Prize goes to an app that is designed to do two things. First organize your schedule like an agenda so you can keep track of all of your family events and have reminders. That’s a calendar. If it’s a separate app it will lack multitasking and not be able to call an alarm in the background so it’s useless. The second part is a meal planner with recipes. Seems fine and all but isn’t this portion of the app going to be offered by someone anyway?  This earned $5k plus a phone at launch!

Ok so the first runner up is a shopping app with some added functionality. Like you have departments and can map the store out and users can share a stores mapping so you won’t miss the items you want. We’ve already seen shopping cart apps for WP7 so it’s just a question of expanding it. Oh and the next runner up is another shopping app but you add items by barcode scanning and when you’re in the store you remove items by scanning. There’s some coupon stuff too but I think you guys get it – a fancy shopping app

The next one is actually just asking that all of the features of Bing desktop come to the phone. Or just add turn by turn and caching to the current version with some voice features. This falls into the category of ‘after launch’.

And the last runner up is an app to keep track of drugs that a person would take (the person who submits it has terminable cancer). I feel awful for the guy but also have good news. The app is already in the works. Check this out.

Anyone else think fail?