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WP7 To Get Flash At Launch

If the Engadget Dell Lighting rumors are true then it will have “Full support of Flash, Flash Video and Silverlight.”

This is slated for Q4 which matches the WP7 launch time. So if Flash is ready then (which is likely since Flash for Android will be ready before then), then the real question is – is this a big deal? The blogosphere makes a big deal out of this but that’s because you pit Apple against Flash and it’s a great fight that’s dirty and filled with tricks…But really, how big of a selling point is Flash for you? As a WM user we’ve had Flash support through SkyFire for some time now. And a lot of sites, like ESPN and CNN, lose a lot of their best features without video. Of course, I assume that the page load times are decreased because it’s not loading Flash so it cuts both ways. So, what do you thin? Is Flash support no WP7 a big deal? A small deal? A footnote?