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Wunderlist Cross-Platform Task Manager Available For Windows Phones (free)

Wunderlist has been around since…well a year ago it came to Android and at the time it was already available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows.  And now you can check off Windows phones:


Download Wunderlist, our free cloud-sync task manager, and complete your daily tasks in style. Wunderlist for Windows Phone will boost your productivity. Organize your to-do lists on the go and synchronize them with your free Wunderlist account. View and modify your tasks on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and the Web. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide use Wunderlist everyday. Wunderlist – your tasks anywhere, anytime.

Key Features:

● Free – Wunderlist is completely free for every device

● Cloud sync – Your tasks are synced with your free Wunderlist account

● Email reminders – Ensure your tasks never slip your mind

● Mail2Task – Send tasks to Wunderlist from your email inbox

● Organize – Sort your tasks into lists

● Due Dates – Assign deadlines to your tasks

● Focus – View a breakdown of your tasks with our filter views

● Notes – Give your tasks further detail

● Prioritize – Star important tasks

● Personalize – Make Wunderlist your own with our included background wallpapers

It looks great in Metro and it’s free. You can check it out here in Marketplace.