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X-mini KAI Capsule Speakers now with BT

x-mini-kai-capsule-bt-speakerI never would have thought it, but since my Mobility Digest Review: SCOSCHE boomCAN I have really come to realize how useful these little speakers come in handy in variety of ways. Most of you may be thinking yeah, set it on your desk, or use it while working out, walking on the dreaded treadmill, or even outside doing yard work. But for me, I use mine while Barbequing and would you believe while hunting? I know, a lot of you may not hunt, but I like to deer hunt. And down here deep in the South, the Rut (mating season) comes very late. A lot of guys use calls to mimic another Buck in the area to try to lure in another Big Buck is also thinking of getting his groove on with a Doe and challenging the origin of that sound. I knew there was  bit of science behind making grunt calls, so I looked on line and would you believe that there is an iPhone (actually several) that actually make a variety of calls to get a Buck’s attention! the problem is that the iPhone speaker, or any cell phone for that matter,  is not loud enough. So I have been taking my SCOSCHE boomCAN plugged into my iPhone and trying to call them in! So far not too much success, but it actually works! So what’s my point? I really like these mini speakers and find them very useful.

So that’s why I predicated this press release with my own personal revelation about mini speakers is to get you primed for the announcement that X-mini is about to launch their newest capsule speaker called the KAI. No more plugged in mini speakers, this version is Bluetooth and will allow you hands free mini speaker sounds! The press release is below and has all the details. I am going to keep tabs on the X-mini as this looks to be the perfect successor to my plugged boomCAN!

X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™ – The Surprise of Sound Beyond Size!

Compatible with iPads, laptops, music players, mobile phones and more, the X-mini™ Capsule Speaker™ range is a portable sound solution that fits snugly in your pocket. The mono and stereo X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™ offer a simple plug-and-play solution if you are looking for an enhanced sound experience. The mono X-mini™ II Capsule Speaker™ is the most popular model with its no-fuss functionality and pocket-sized portability while the X-mini™ MAX II Capsule Speaker offers a simple yet amazing stereo sound experience. The X-mini™ HAPPY Capsule Speaker™, the first in the multi-functional series, features a built-in SD card reader and music playerwhich allows you to save and play all your favourite tunes. The latest addition to this series is the X-mini™ RAVE Capsule Speaker™ which has an antennae-free FM radio function to allow you to keep up with the latest news and music on air.

Look Ma, no wires! The newest kid on the block, the X-mini™ KAI Capsule Speaker™ is a Bluetooth speaker, dongle and conference call device all rolled into one. Fondly named after CEO Ryan Lee’s nephew, Kai, who is the first in the next generation of his family, the X-mini™ KAI Capsule Speaker™similarly heralds the new wireless generation in portable sound.

Between the impressive longevity of the built-in rechargeable battery, the funky Bass Xpansion System™, the modular Buddy-Jack™ design, the convenient portability and the other add-on functions of the X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™, what stands out is its ability to offer quality Sound Beyond Size. With several options to choose from, the X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™ answer your sound needs with a simple pocket-sized solution.

To discover more Sound Beyond Size surprises, please visit for the complete range of X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™.


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