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Xbox One Skype Features Amazing Zoom and Motion Tracking

The power of Kinect. Scratch that, the power to Kinect. Yes that sounds a lot more appropriate. Microsoft has released a 12 minute demo showing off the Xbox One’s interactive features including task switching, Xbox dashboard, and Skype integration. To be clear I think everyone remotely interested in the Xbox One should take the time to watch the entire 12 minute video. One thing in particular stood out to me and it is the reason why I made such a terrible pun using Kinect to start.

Xbox One Skype

The video shows a Skype call taking place and how the improved Kinect sensor can track a user’s movement and pan & zoom. This is a great feature to keep in mind for family and friends across distances stay in touch and be part of an immersive environment.

One other possibility that stands out to me is using Kinect to do live crowd shots.

Source: Xbox Youtube