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Free App: Mereporter for Android

Now this is an app everyone should I think, it allows you to report the news as you see it happening. Look out print newspapers as the internet is truly taking over more and more. With an app like this I see a lot of good things happening. You could report local weather or traffic or even help hold law enforcement accountable for the things they do. I like the idea, I think I’ll go grab this one shortly.. You Apple people can get the app as well if you want.. Info and screenshots below..

Meporter, the local mobile news desk for citizen journalists, launched their official public beta Android App in the Android Marketplace today.

The location-based news app allows users all around the world to report and read news as it’s happening in any local community, right down to the street level. Eyewitnesses on the scene of breaking news can use Meporter to report on anything from weather and traffic to nightlife, local politics, dining and entertainment, professional sporting events even their kid’s little league game. Stories can be shared within the Meporter community or with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

“Since our launch at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York this past May, fans and users all over the world have been flooding our inboxes asking when we will have a Droid app, well that time is now,” said Andy Leff, chief executive officer of Meporter. “Meporter now gives anyone using an Android phone or an iPhone the power to report what they see and where they see it, offering an easy way to report and share their view of local news and events as they happen.”

“The growth of location awareness and multimedia capabilities in smart phones create unique market conditions to arm citizens to capture and report on local news and events,” said Mike Boland, senior analyst with BIA/Kelsey. “When you also consider the continued growth of social sharing for pictures, video and status, it’s a timely opportunity for Meporter.”

Meporter has been capitalizing on the explosion of smart phone usage and has been an international success. Meporter has regular news contributors all around the world and on every continent. Meporters have been posting everything from local weather reports during Hurricane Irene on the East Coast all the way to hotel fires in the United Kingdom.

Meporter features standard news categories found in local newspapers for an intuitive user and reader experience. Categories include: announcements, classifieds, crime, entertainment, health, nightlife, events, odd news, op-ed, other news, politics, real estate, restaurants, science, tech, sports, lifestyle, traffic, travel and weather.

Now that the Android app is ready and is downloadable, Meporter has extended their contest called the “Million Man Launch” to users in the Android community. This contest is giving away over $28,000 in cash prizes to the first 1 million users who sign up for Meporter and share it with their friends. For more information on the mobile app and contest, visit

The Android app is here,


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