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Zune For Mac? Let’s Check The Odds

Since Neowin saw a Tweet by Microsoft’s Oded Ran confirming Zune of Macs everyone is celebrating. And if it’s true, they should be. In fact, our Twitter followers know that we went fishing for answers Monday after we were unable to get anyone to confirm Zune syncing for Mac during Monday’s launch and inquiries to MS have so far been unanswered. But the Oded Tweet has since been deleted (which could just be to protect his ass quite frankly) but MobileTechWorld is reporting that the question was directly asked to MS during a Q&A during the launch events and they affirmatively denied it was in the works. So, what do we ‘know’? Nothing…we wait…

I will say that my money is on mark/space (the Missing Sync) being used to fill the gap until MS is ready but I’m not betting the bank on a Zune Mac client within 30 days. You?