There’s been speculation if Windows Phone 7 would essentially eat Zune hardware. If Microsoft releases a new Zune then they are making hardware to compete with their phones and Microsoft has tried to avoid doing this in the past. Anyway, looks like a new iteration of Zune is in fact coming. Here’s the Mix website:

For the second year in a row, Joe Belfiore, who oversees Windows Phone Program Management, and is responsible for the design and software product definition of forthcoming generations of Windows phones and Zune devices will keynote MIX again.

Yes, he’s responsible for the ‘forthcoming generations of…Zune devices’. Long live Zune! Can’t wait to see the hardware cause Zune HD was pretty slick looking. That also ran a Tegra chip so maybe Microsoft will finally expand to chips other than just the Snapdragon.

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  1. I love both of my Zunes… I’ve got the 120gb Gears of War 2 Edition and the Zune HD but the only problem I have is support or lack of I should say… sad really the lack of it,…. :(

  2. “There’s been speculation if Windows Phone 7 would essentially eat Zune hardware”

    As someone at Apple famously said, they’re rather be cannibalizing their OWN sales than let someone else do it…

  3. would this basically be a Windows Phone without the phone? That would be great, I could get a couple for my kids so they could play games and have apps, but no need for the phone bill or carrier hassles..

  4. @3DPiper: I’d love for a Zune 7 that is basically a Windows Phone without the phone part. I’d buy my daughter one for the games and she’d totally love it. She asks everyday to play games on my phone and to customize my avatar. Just think of the upcoming avatar world and how that could be expanded to totally cream the competition and draw in young users especially if they tie it in with Kinect.

  5. I have no idea whether to believe this. I mean I wanna believe they won’t kill the Zune, they’re working on something called Ventura. Me and my grandfather suspect that it’s an update to it (since both of us know that Microsoft don’t give up that easily), but at the same time nothing else seems to make sense than they’re killing it. Looking forward to Mix 2011.

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