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A WP7 RSS Reader Made By Microsoft (Interns) [Poll Added]

See, open up Marketplace to MS employees and they get right to it…or get their interns right to it. I don’t normally post on RSS feed readers but this one is actually really functional. It even shares with Twitter (maybe they can show MS how Twitter integration works:) ) Take a look at the feature list and the video. it’s impressive for what’s typical a simple app.

A few highlights:
• Headliner is an RSS newsreader that helps you keep up to date with your favorite news and blogs
• It can import feeds from and sync with your Google Reader account
• Allows searching for and subscribing to feeds by keyword
• Has a special start screen that guides the user to get started quickly in one of 3 modes
• Stores downloaded feeds and articles on disk for offline viewing
• Showcases a slick Metro UI with the Panorama and Pivot controls
• Shows a “What’s New” panel with the latest news
• Allows you to view feeds by category, and articles by category or feed
• Displays unread count for each category and feed, as well as coloring article list items based on if they have been read yet
• Uses familiar styling for article lists (looks like email app) and category/feeds lists (looks like contacts app)
• Has two modes for viewing articles:
1. Summary mode: displays the article summary or content and a supporting image (if found). This is the faster view.
2. Embedded browser mode: displays the source article within an embedded IE control. This view, while slower, can be more complete.
• Allows you to send articles via Email or SMS
• Allows you to share articles via Twitter

Update: Yup, the interns pulled it after I had it in cache…so let’s share it:)
Second Update: They reposted in HD so I went back to their link
Oh and let’s do a poll about this too:
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