See, open up Marketplace to MS employees and they get right to it…or get their interns right to it. I don’t normally post on RSS feed readers but this one is actually really functional. It even shares with Twitter (maybe they can show MS how Twitter integration works:) ) Take a look at the feature list and the video. it’s impressive for what’s typical a simple app.

A few highlights:
• Headliner is an RSS newsreader that helps you keep up to date with your favorite news and blogs
• It can import feeds from and sync with your Google Reader account
• Allows searching for and subscribing to feeds by keyword
• Has a special start screen that guides the user to get started quickly in one of 3 modes
• Stores downloaded feeds and articles on disk for offline viewing
• Showcases a slick Metro UI with the Panorama and Pivot controls
• Shows a “What’s New” panel with the latest news
• Allows you to view feeds by category, and articles by category or feed
• Displays unread count for each category and feed, as well as coloring article list items based on if they have been read yet
• Uses familiar styling for article lists (looks like email app) and category/feeds lists (looks like contacts app)
• Has two modes for viewing articles:
1. Summary mode: displays the article summary or content and a supporting image (if found). This is the faster view.
2. Embedded browser mode: displays the source article within an embedded IE control. This view, while slower, can be more complete.
• Allows you to send articles via Email or SMS
• Allows you to share articles via Twitter

Update: Yup, the interns pulled it after I had it in cache…so let’s share it:)
Second Update: They reposted in HD so I went back to their link
Oh and let’s do a poll about this too:
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  1. looks like they made their video public again…sorry, but I’m not in the mood to keep playing with the posts. The MD YouTube link stays;)

  2. a bird in the hand… thanks for grabbing it out of cache though. Looks slick. Right now I’m stuck using the iphone formatted version of the online google reader (via opera on my winmo 6.5) because I can’t decide which platform to go to next.

  3. I am one of the interns that made it. We posted a higher-quality video at, and took old one down. Somehow you got the old one during the 10 minutes it was posted. Anyway, I would really appreciate it if you would link to the proper video on my account rather than your own copy of it. Thanks!

    And thanks for the write-up! I’m glad you like the app. We actually programming it over a span of 48 hours, and I pulled an all-nighter to get it done by the deadline :-P


  4. Roger, we reverted to your version. Sorry, but once it hits the web it’s cached ;) I liked it enough to go through the brain damage of grabbing it, converting and reuploading though:) Nice app

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