Apple-Store-patent-1I am just going to report on this and keep my opinions to myself and let everyone slug it out in the comment section. Nearly three years ago Apple had applied for a patent for their store design which is very well known by now that utilizes a lot of glass in it’s store front. The request has finally been a approved by the US Patent & Trademark Office and reads that : “clear glass storefront surrounded by a paneled facade consisting of large, rectangular horizontal panels over the top of the glass front” are covered under the patent. Also covered are areas in the store where instructional classes are held. Other elements include multi-tiered shelving  along the side walls, oblong tables with stools at the back of the store. Not covered is "the walls, floors, lighting, and other fixtures appear in dotted lines and are not claimed as individual features of the mark; however, the placement of the various items are considered to be part of the overall mark."

Apparently Apple must have been pushing this not only because it is such a high priority for US Patent and Trademark Office to complete, but because they didn’t want to be outdone by Microsoft who was granted a similar patent in 2011 (Trademark registration 4036534)  “covers the design of “a retail store with four curved tabletops at the front and rear side walls and a rectangular band displaying changing video images on the walls.” The trademark covers stores selling computer equipment, phones, books, backpacks and novelty items.”  (source)

Seriously? Don’t we have better things to work on at the Patent Office?


[via Mashable]


  1. So they are trademarking the rectangular metal panel above glass front look? Next they will be trademarking the lining up of employees at the entrance to greet customers.

    Apple invests more in legal protection than all the warlords and pimps in the world.

  2. Shoot! I should check the site before I post. That’s okay: the tweet was still hilarious.

    These patents are just beyond silly now.

  3. and what off the bathroom layout? or did they just decided to focus on totally useless shit instead of semi useless shit… see what i did just there?

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