If you had doubts that AT&T was committed to Windows Phone 7 maybe this will help alleviate your concerns. On June 24 AT&T is hosting “An Introduction to Tools & Resources for Windows Phone 7 Application Development”. It’s intended for “Developers and IT managers responsible for developing and deploying communications-based applications who want to better understand what’s new for developers for Windows Phone 7.” They’re even giving away an AT&T Acer Netbook. Check out more details here.


  1. Yeah thanks for clearing that up, for a minute I was getting nervous they were getting too distracted by all this Android nonsense to remember their Microsoft pony and their duty to webcast it gallop out of obscurity.

  2. Wonderful web page and I will likely be coming back again so maintain up the good work! When it comes down to it I believe Alec Baldwin said it greatest within the Glenn-Garry movie. A.I.D.A attention, interest, decision and action. I’ll spare you guys the full speech exactly where he cusses everyone out.

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