It is a good day for AT&T Surround users. Reader IDrankBlueKookAid tipped me off so I plugged into Zune and there was the February update. Got the notification on my phone at the same time. February update took about 7 minutes. Without unplugging I went to check for another update and noticed the message was already on my phone screen. The March/NoDo update took a total of 57 minutes to complete, including 24 minutes for Step 6, the backup process. FYI, I have about 6.5GB of data on my phone, including about 150 apps/games, 601 songs, 680 photos and a bunch of videos.

Have not even taken a cruise around the phone but the OS, Firmware, Radio and Bootloader have all been updated:

OS – Original: 7.0.7004.0 / New:7.0.7390.0

Firmware Rev No. – Original: 2250.09.10307.502 / New: 2250.21.15204.502

Hardware Rev No. – 0003 – No Change

Radio Software Ver. – / New:

Radio Hardware Ver. – A.26.0.D4 – No Change

Bootloader Ver. – 1.3.2250.7(111288) / New: 1.52.2250.4(120323)

Chip SOC Ver. – – No Change

So plug your phone in and go get those updates. I can’t wait to buy something so I can cut & paste one of those long tracking numbers. Hopefully the extensive testing was worth it. Enjoy.


  1. I have my phone updating right now. I actually did the Walshie update so we’ll see what happens.

  2. My update went pretty smooth. Even after I accidently unplugged my phone in my excitement to show a coworker that I got the update!! I just plugged it back in and did the update process again with no issues. I have about the same amount of data as Jim but my update(backup portion) seemed to take quite a bit longer. It could be I have more data or I am not using the cable that came with my phone but those are probably just minor things seeing how the update worked as it should….just slow!

    I know I am stating the obvious but they definitely need to get their back up story worked out.

  3. Yay! Plugged it in this morning and nothing; plugged it in now and there it is. Thanks!

  4. *Update*

    I was doing a little poking around and I noticed that my firmware and ATT stuff was not updated. I had done the the “unbrand your phone workaround by pulling the internet cable” and I had rebranded my phone a while back but I still wasn’t getting the updates. So I decided to hard reset my phone and it came back with the 7392 OS version. I then proceed to plug into Zune and I was prompted for the “HTC Updates”.

    Just wanted to share my experience in case others hit this issue.

  5. Interesting you got the security update (7392), assuming before rebranding. Just checked for updates and 7390, is “Up to Date” on my phone. So AT&T is probably doing their thing again. Oh well. One step at a time.

  6. Ah, maybe that’s why I got the Security update and I would have probably gotten the HTC ones later? I guess that’s what I get for being impatient/curious!

  7. My laptop went to sleep while updating so had to start over but it went through without any issues at all after that. I had previously updated using the Walsh method.

  8. So Murani, did you get the firmware update and the AT&T additions (Settings/EMail & Accounts/Add An Account/AT&T Address Book). Just wondering if the Walsh method prevented either of those things from happening. And have you gotten the 7392 Security Update. Just wondering.

  9. I just wanted to confirm that I have the updated FW as well as the ATT stuff. I am also still on 7392. =P

  10. Has anyone else noticed the colors in images looking distorted? Kind of like going from 32 bit color to 16 bit?

  11. @Mine: Photos didn’t look that different but using WP Bench, the Gradient test definitely showed banding. I just applied the Homebrew 32bit Fix in Advanced Configuration Tool and now the Gradient test looks smooth, as it did before this NoDo/HTC/AT&T. Photos look about the same to me though.

  12. See? Doug Simmons having possession of this device and good things happen.

  13. @Jim
    I have updated 2 surrounds and both are experiencing this problem. It is most noticable on graphics that made myself that have alot of shading. These graphics looked great before the update.

  14. Updated one of my graphics and removed one of the reflective surfaces and it looks good now. Not sure why it happened but I can live with it. Cant see it too bad in apps and movies just some pictures.

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  16. I updated my Telus Surround phone a while ago and noticed the NoDo update took well over an hour to update. Backup process is what took so long.

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