With the recent news that Windows Phone  sold 1.6 million in the first quarter of 2011, I wonder how many more they are going to sell in the third quarter after announcing that they will officially start selling the HTC HD7s at AT&T on June 5th for $199.99! The 4.3 inch WVGA Super LCD touchscreen HD7s will no longer be exclusive to T-Mobile, and AT&T customers can get their Netflix on with it’s built in kickstand. The HD7s will also record video in 720HD, come with a 1GHz processor, Zune, Xbox Live, and all the other crazy Windows Phone goodness you have come to expect.

Head on over to AT&T for more information.



  1. I think it would have done better launching at the same time T-Mobile’s did. I think a lot of people and me included are wondering what Mango Devices will be coming in a few months and opt to hold out… As always, way to go AT&T…

  2. Agreed… nice phone, but just a little too late for the dance. Especially not with rumors (and I repeat RUMORS) about the LTE capable HTC Holiday floating around.

  3. My contract is up on the 6th. I’m sure amazon will have it for $150. If the devs can port android onto this I will be selling my Inspire.

  4. umm like Smoky says…what?!?! If you want to run Android on that phone platform – pick yourself up an HD2.

  5. The Hd7 has the little extras like a kickstand, dedicated camera button, and a front facing camera (assuming AT&T doesn’t butcher it)

  6. I lusted after the HD2. I made do with the Fuze. I lusted after the HD7. I’m quite happy with my Focus.
    I’d love to have a larger screen, but the 4″ one on the Focus really is outstanding. I;ve seen the T-Mo HD&, and the screen isn’t nearly as good. With the Infuse 4G coming for the Android fanboys, we need to clamor for a WP7 counterpart with the 4.5″ SuperAmoLED Plus screen. The HD7s is too late to market. If they give me one for $50 or less, I might give it a shot, but really, 4G and/or LTE is what we really want. An Infuse cousin running WP7.5 and packing LTE radios? That makes me a little hard.

  7. Offering this phone at double the price of the Inspire means AT&T really wants this phone to sit on their shelves and not move.

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