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Comment of the Week: cjc on MS Comeback

I took a few jabs at Microsoft, loyal but misguided reader cjc jabbed back. Rather than posting a retort, figured it would be easier just to post his nonsense as the comment of the week:

Doug you can’t seriously believe MS won’t capture back a good portion of the Mobile market. There are plenty of people who would rather use a platform that is intuitive and new (if not complete yet) over the one-size-fits-all-app-driven-tied-to-iTunes-boring platform. Let’s not even get into the security risks of Android for the business side of things.

MS might initially take market share from RIM (especially with phones like the Dell Venue Pro) but gradually as the WP platform matures and the handsets come out people will realize the benefits of the UI and integration of the social media and MS outlook products not to mention xbox360. WP just made a stab at the youth and will win.

Windows Phone is going to be like Windows 7 for sure. Everyone was saying after Vista how Windows was dead and Apple is going to profit huge. Look how that ended up. MS posting its biggest gains in years and their market share growing yet larger. Apple will continue to succeed as long as they keep pushing out better and better phones and selling them cheap but to say MS will fail is illogical.

We appreciate your contributions cjc, please keep it coming either in comment form or articles if you’re up for it (I need someone to spar against).

Doug Simmons