There are a lot of phobias in the world but one of the most popular and closest to home for me is arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders. Personally, I am not scared of spiders. I have “keeled” what to me seems like millions of them starting from my paranoid mother who my father claimed could hear a spider walking at the back of the house with sneakers on to my beloved wife who runs in complete terror from any insect including spiders. So for me, the most recent AT&T commercial featuring the Samsung Infuse 4G is a hilarious reminder that I am not the only one living with crazy people.

In the AT&T commercial, we have a pleasant business luncheon with three people discussing travel plans when after checking his email or text message, the guy in the center puts his Samsung Infuse 4G with it’s “Crystal-clear 4.5” Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen display” that has “Colors so real it’s almost unreal” lays his device down near the center of the table in plain view for everyone to see.

There are a lot of inconsistencies with what happens next as he lays down the device with the screen off, the device mysteriously displays the lock screen with out being touched to display Brachypelma smithi or what is more commonly known as the Mexican Red Knee Tarantula. An excellent choice by AT&T to use this colorful species but I would have personally liked to have seen them use Theraphosa blondi, the Goliath Birdeater Tarantula. Even though the colorful and quite aesthetic Brachypelma smithi brings the brilliant screen of the Infuse 4G to life, the Theraphosa blondi would have made a better choice to illustrate the sheer power and size of the Infuse 4G. To each their own I suppose and as I am not the highly paid marketing consultant for AT&T all I can do is offer my humble opinions to choosing the proper arachnid. But I digress.


As I was saying, our spider loving, Samsung Infuse 4G toting dude in the middle lays down his device, it mysteriously pops the screen on without hitting a button. No incoming call or text message across the screen, just a huge spider on the front that looks so real it reduces the poor woman at the table to one of the most blood curdling screams I have heard in a long time. In her fit of terror, she is not without a hero to save her from dire peril, the third member at their table removes his shoe and lays a smack down on what he and everyone else perceives as the Mexican Red Knee Tarantula. Granted if would have known that the Brachypelma smithi has a body of 4 inches and an over all width of 6 inches he would have recognized this spider to be the fraud it really was and simple the brilliant 4.5 inch screen of the Infuse 4G. I will cut him some slack because it was in the heat of the moment with his business partner having a screaming ninny-hissy fit.

Great commercial by AT&T and worth the 30 seconds of your life to view it.


  1. The newest Samsung 4G spider commercial is by far the best and cost entertaining commercial I have seen in years. I laugh until I cry every time I see it. The people are perfect for the commercial and the girl is an excellent screamer. She needs a raise!

  2. I agree, I love this commercial. I was surprised no one else commented on it. :( especially I figured I would get some tarantula comments. I actually put a lot of effort figuring out those spiders! LOL

  3. I just saw it this week so maybe this is the first week of the new commercial. I was showing everyone at work and they loved it as well. Few commercials are that funny but this one is. Whoever thought up the idea is wonderful. Thanks for the fantastic laugh I get every time I see it. I even saved it on my favorites so when I’m having a tough day I can entertain myself.

  4. Glad someone else is sharing the humor with me. Send me some more of your favorite mobility related videos and I will post them up for everyone to enjoy.

  5. I am glad some else loved this commercial as much as I did! My boyfriend is TERRIFIED of spiders, so this really struck a chord with us.

  6. it was so real that I could not help but see why my son has a fear for spiders. The scream was blood curdling and I think that is what made it so real. If you were none the wiser you would think a spider was really on the table. It was that good. The picture is really clear. They got the message across, in other words the phone sells itself.

  7. I can see the humor in the commercial even though I keep multitudes of them and run a community dedicated to the keeping of them as pets ;) Just a note, in the realm of correctness, in scientific nomenclature, Genus is capitalized and species is not. You also have smithi spelled wrong. ;) Taranula’s scientific name should be printed as: Brachypelma smithi. (there’s only 1 i ;) ) If you want to see some really really colorful ones, there’s a gallery with thousands and thousands of pictures of tarantulas, scorpions and centipedes (and you thought the tarantulas were bad ;) )

  8. shame on me, I meant to put that the pictures are available on ‘s gallery. I also wanted to add, interesting read and I agree with you about the T. blondi being a good choice, but too bland for their purposes I would assume.

  9. Damn if it’s not Simmons or David correcting my grammar it’s some arachnoid specialist that happens by out of nowhere. Anyway, I have no idea about spiders scientific names but I just so happened to see a special on Animal Planet on the Goliath Tarantula. Pretty impressive spider. I’ll make the correction and let your spamming our site stand as thanks. ;)

  10. I can not STAND this commercial! It infuriates me that I have to hear that screaming woman every hour or more. I don’t care if this is the best phone on earth, I sure won’t be getting one. this interrupts my peace and quiet and puts me on edge. I hope spiders eat whomever came up with the idea!



  13. Simple minds are easily amused. If this thread is any measure, it would appear that the commercial is a success for AT&T. HOWEVER, this viewer finds the screaming overwhelmingly distasteful! This is the equivalent of increasing the volume as many commercials now do. (Oh for the days when there were AVCs! (automatic volume controls)) Suffice to say that any previous thought this viewer may have had of purchasing any AT&T product has been extinguished. Go scream at your mama!

  14. I have to say that I do not care for this screaming commercial. It really disturbes me. I have to mute the tv when it comes on. Puts chills up my spine. Please stop airing or I will not purchase the Samsung infuse.

  15. OK – this is stupid, hysterical screaming – seriously. They all saw the guy put the phone down on the table and the screen comes on to display a spider and she like totally freeks, and the dude ‘kills’ it with his shoe. Give me a flippin break. So hate this commercial.

  16. This commercial is SO FUCKING GAY!!!! I hope that stupid cunt gets H1N5 along with the stupid ass who thought up this bull shit and fucking die a painful death. God damn homos.

  17. This is the most annoying fucking commercial ever. I want to throw my shoe at the television when that woman screams.

  18. I absolutely hate the spider commercial it is so annoying that I would never buy anything from ATT because of this commercial,it’s an insult to peoples intelligence.I see absolutely nothing funny about someone screaming at a phone or someone pounding it with a phone,that’s so funny I forgot to laugh.

  19. The spider commercial is the most idiotic piece of crap to come down the pike in a long time. Whoever approved this needs to be fired. This is a further statement of our deteriorating society. Keep up the good work. No ATT crap for me!!!!!

  20. I can’t say it enough and with enough gusto . . . I HATE THAT STUPID COMMERCIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to see the mentality of people today to think it is worth anyone’s time!

  21. I noticed that all of the spider geeks in this post love this commercial. Folks, this is probably the most obnoxious, cacaphanous excuse for a commercial that I have seen in a long time. Let’s find a chick whose only probable skill is the ability to render shrieking, ear piercing screams at the sight of an arachnid photo. And let’s crank up the volume to a nerve shattering level. And let’s try to get people to buy these Samsung phones that will cause aracnophobic cell phone users to roll on the floor and foam at the mouth!!! Man, makes me want to run out and buy a Samsung phone (Not)!!!!

  22. I agree with most others on this post, This commercial is about as annoying as it gets, shame on At&t and Samsung!

  23. every time the commercial comes on im running to mute the sound with my remote att its the most annoying 1 min on tv it sucks you guys should step back and look at the blunder i dont care what a nice picture it has a woman screaming is not what i want to hear how about waves crashing on the shore next time

  24. It’s obvious that the majority of the responders who liked this ad are into marketing in some way shape or form Because your take on this spot shows that you are all out of touch with people to whom you are marketing. The client, ATT, already has legions of people out in the world who DESPISE the company in one way shape or form. There are even more non customers who are influenced on a greater level by people who speak negatively about a company than those who praise it. This commercial just adds fuel to the anti ATT legions and results in the exact opposite of its intent, to gain more of a market share!!! As a great marketer once said “BRILLIANT!!!”

  25. This commercial instantly puts me in a bad mood and has turned me off to both ATT and Sumsung. I watch television to relax, NOT to be startled by the mot obnoxious scream ever. A-holes.

  26. I hate this commercial and all others with screaming. I switch channels as soon as it comes on! Who in their right mind wants to hear screaming? Advertisers should realize that their commercials are viewed in homes where children may be sleeping, walls may be thin and disturb neighbors, someone could be ill, seniors may not be able to mute it fast enough. ATT is losing more customers than it’s winning, and serves them right for being so stupid to think this commercial is clever when it’s obviously obnoxious!

  27. Who’s the moron that created this ad. It’s obnoxious, the chick is trying too hard, and they do show way too much. AND I WOULD NEVER BUY THE PHONE JUST BECAUSE I ATE THE AD SO MUCH. Get a new advertising agency – the one you’re using SUCKS.

  28. It’s the mentality that created this ad and those that love it, that give Americans a bad name in the eyes of the rest of the global culture.

  29. We have two samsung phones in our family and we are trading them in for new phones. We cannot grab the remote fast enough to turn down this commercial. Changing the channel for a few minutes works better. We can be having a relaxing evening and then that comes on and causes people to jump and the dog to bark. AWFUL.

  30. To whom can I complain about this advert? Nobody, of course. I simply share the
    obvious revultion at the screaming funny lady. If it’s humomor your after please employ
    a comedian. If it’s information you want you can get it from the police. I always wondered
    what all the communication majors would do with their lives, and I suppose this is it.
    Thankyou for screaming at us. Dead clever…

  31. Apart from the blood-curdling screams, did any one happen to notice the incredible beauty of the female actress? I have always been a big fan of red hair and pallid complexions. She looks as though she could have modeled for a pre-raphaelite painting. When in the presence of the epitome of womanhood, I too, would take my shoe off and beat the offending phone. The gentleman is just the modern version of the proverbial knight sweeping down on his white steed slaying the dragon for his sweet damsel in distress.
    So….does anyone have any idea who this beautiful actress is?

  32. I hate this commercial so much i want to punch that woman in the mouth! and I am not violent by nature. I hope this isnt the best you can do at&t because this commercial sucks. Get some ideas off the e trade people…the are a hoot! (daddy? daddy?)

  33. More than anything else, the commercial shows what naturophobes Americans are, and how satisfied AT&T is with that disturbing reality. No wonder we rarely pay attention to any real environmental issues… corporations enjoy continued ignorance.

    I bought a new Infuse last week. It’s a massive, wobbly, slippery, cheesy feeling wisp of a thing, not suitable for carrying or using in any normal circumstances. I suppose if you just sit at fancy restaurant tables, as in this commercial, it might be worth a try. But, I’m planning to return it.

    This insultingly violent ad — which I hadn’t seen elsewhere, since I don’t watch TV — makes that decision easier.

  34. “I bought a new Infuse last week. It’s a massive, wobbly, slippery, cheesy feeling wisp of a thing, not suitable for carrying or using in any normal circumstances”

    and you didnt figure this out BEFORE you left the store?

    everything you mentioned as to why you hate the infuse has nothing to do with how it works, the actual durability of the phone, or the carrier behind it.

    ill agree the plastic is cheap feeling but i havent seen any of them break yet. aside from that i think lightweight is a desireable feature and again, you should have realised all those things when you first picked up the damn phone in the store. glad you idiots will let a commercial choose your phone for you as opposed to some consumer research.

  35. Wow – some of the language here is amazing. I bet 99% of you with the foul language are lazy couch potatoes who don’t even offer to get up and help carry in grocery items. I can see you sitting around every night and weekend guzzling down a six pack. What a waste!

    If you don’t like the commercial, just say it in normal English without all the descriptives as it will mean exactly the same thing.

    All I have to say is play the commercial more – it’s great! I’d rather hear the screaming pretty lady than read these foul-mouth comments any day.

  36. “All I have to say is play the commercial more – it’s great! I’d rather hear the screaming pretty lady than read these foul-mouth comments any day.”

    Then why are you here??

  37. I’m here because I want to throw something through my tv every time that woman screams like she is being murdered,it certainly does nothing to endear me to ATT or Samsung,I can imagine someone with small children would really love it especially if she just got them asleep.I’ll never do business with ATT or Samsung now,if i could contact ATT I would express my great displeasure personally,however their website has no category for such demonstration,so to be frank that’s why i’m here ranting instead of destroying my tv.

  38. President Obama has signed a new law requiring TV broadcasters to back down on the volume of those pesky commercials that suddenly blast your eardrums. “The country will now get the relief they deserve from the annoyance of blaringly loud television commercials,” said Rep. Eshoo in a press statement. pasted from a news article. This ad is so disturbing from the sheer volume aspect of her scream it’s disgusting. Years ago i complained to comcast about loud ads …their response “that’s the way they want it ENOUGH” can you hear me now? For me to take the time out of my life to respond to all this insanity upsets me. Ad executives have lost the idea of watching a commercial.

  39. I race to find the remote every time this ad comes on. If I can’t hit the mute button fast enough I end up feeling really angry. Of course everyone who’s somehow professionally connected to this product “loves” the screaming and finds the commercial to be “hilarious” and “clever”.

  40. @RLGoodson:

    I agree!! The first time I saw it it was ok, definitely had the shock factor and I thought it was funny but now it’s a race for the mute button every single time I notice it coming on.. drives me and my husband nuts to hear that screaming again & again..

  41. @RLGoodson:

    Well for some reason this website won’t allow me to post my 100% agreement with those who are sick of the screaming woman. I love my mute button.

  42. That scream filling my living room is causing some nerve problems in my household, including the pets. It’s rather sneaky in that the scream blasts before you can think to reach for the remote. How much longer are they going to run it? I’ve had it trigger headaches. No offense to those who like it, I see the humor, its more about the frequency the ad is played at this point. Enough maybe?

  43. This is the most stupid and annoying commercial I’ve ever seen and I will change or mute it when it comes on. The idiot woman screaming ought to be shot in her tracks as I find any woman screaming out of control very disturbing, mentally ill or needs a psych evaluation, please give us women more credit than that….and for all you pea brains that like or think this is hilarious, or has any substance to it, should race down and get your spider phone right now, so we don’t have to listen to your simple minded, comments.
    At&t has progressively got worse in their service and products, and this is a poor ad for marketing their 4g. This ad does not inspire me to run down and purchase this phone. Good luck AT&T, you’ll need it!

  44. Commercial wakes my baby up screaming dog wakes up barking I feel heart pains from girl in commercial screaming and I feel this commercial is so dumb without a message, Poor reflection on phone and phone co.

  45. The TV ad with the guy smashing the spider is the most disgustingly sophomoric commercial I’ve ever seen. Not only is it disturbing to watch, but it makes me not want to have anything to do with a company who’s management would be so ridiculously insensitive as to approve this sort of thing. Whenever it comes on my wife or I will turn off the TV. Samsung/AT&T, shame on you! With so many qualified unemployed managers how do you come up with these bozos.

  46. This is about as stupid a commercial I have ever seen.
    I totally agree with Ron. Stupid commercials just make the company look stupid, and I don’t use their product/service.
    Such a thing as reverse effects on advertising? You bet.

  47. I don’t have any idea who makes this phone- I mute the commercial so I guess I’ll never know-your advertising $$$$ are wasted on me-


  49. This is THE funniest commercial ever. The first two times I saw the commercial, I literally stopped breathing because I was laughing so hard. Congratulations to the ad agency that created this one. It is EXCELLENT. Especially in hi-def TV. Great job folks. I don’t need a phone — but if I did, I might buy this one because of the commercial alone.

  50. How on earth can anyone find that funny? It would never happen in real life. If it did, the establishment would have them removed for creating a disturbance. Not to mention they just destroyed their brand new phone.
    Of course, the point is to prove that it is so life-like in picture quality. But, anyone stupid enough to think a 2D image looks so life like, deserves to have their cell destroyed.

  51. The first few times I saw this commercial, I thought WOW, how clever and funny if a little stupid. After the umpteenth time of hearing this ear bursting, screaming bitch I have decided that I will never, never, NEVER buy a Samsung or use AT&T. Get this commercial off the air and fire the execs who think that if once or twice is good, 500 times is better. Enough already!!

  52. i cant get the channel changed fast enough when that stupid stupid actress comes on and screams like that,it is so annoying i hate that commercial!!please please take it off the air! i have no idea what that phones about,because i cant stand it!!
    sorry guys but really bad bad idea

  53. Seriously..worst. commercial. ever. My husband and I leap for the remote ever ytime we see it come on to change the channel. Especially when our four month old is trying to sleep in the next room.

    Good job AT&T. It’s clear that you can not even get a simple commercial right so why would I be interested in buying a cell phone from you. Has anyone noticed that when the girl is screaming she isn’t holding anything in her hands but at the end she’s holding a big old glass like she’s gonna beat something with it. HUGE GLITCH! Which in turn makes me disinclined to ever want to by something much more technologically advanced from this company.

    PS. The picture doesn’t look that real. Sorry but.. Epic. Fail. on this one AT&T.

  54. Words cannot begin to describe to you how much i HATE that commercial. It is the stupidest, MOST ANNOYING commercial I have ever heard. I run across the room to get the TV turned off as fast as I can before I have to hear that horrid loud blood curdling scream again. It is not frightening, it is obnoxious and insulting. I hope sales are plummetting because ATT is moronic enough to offend us like this!!!

  55. Get this commercial off the air! It is annoying and may be harmful to the ears of children, elderly adults and regular people like myself. I will never buy this product for the simple fact that this is a terrible idea of promoting this product with an idiotic screaming lunatic piercing the air all because of a likeness of a spider. I hope more people complain about this.

  56. This commercial is FUCKING ANNOYING… As if Commercials weren’t digitally enhanced to be obnoxious enough… they have to have some stupid bitch on there screaming her fuckin head off. Commercials like these should be ILLEGAL! Its stupid, not funny at all, and completely unnecessarily rude. BOYCOTT THIS PHONE

  57. This has got to be the stupidest commercial I have seen in a long time. My whole family either mutes the channel or changes the channel each time it comes on. These actors look as though they are having an intelligent business lunch. They aren’t smart enough to see that’s just a picture on a phone???

  58. This is the most ridiculously loud, obnoxious commercial I’ve ever seen. It’s not funny, is too loud, scares my 2 cats, and I THINK IT’S WAAAAAAY STUPID! And a waste of time!!! It irritates me to no end and I grab the remote to change channels when it’s on. It’s MOST ANNOYING!!!!

  59. The AT&T Samsung commercial is the most irritating, useless and stupid ad I have ever seen. It’s up there with the “Beach Angel” and DirectTV slap in the face of all black families when they allow the TRUTH Truth kid slam the white butler in the gutt to bring home their point. What are these advertisers thinking, are we all a bunch of beer guzzling frat boys that need no rational for gratuitious stupidity to convince us we NEED a useless product. I went so far as to change my phone service along with definate plans to leave Direct TV for whatever service does not cater to mindless disrespect of my intelligence. It’s just plain sad they cannot come up with something, anything better. Someone start a petition, I will sign!!

    For God’s sake can she not see that it is a phone?
    Ad’s like this make me avoid the product LIFETIME. Just like the Carl’s Junior Ads where they slobber over their food. I vowed never to buy their crap thirty years ago and have never done so. PLUS I MAKE SURE I SPREAD THE NEGATIVE WORD TO OTHERS.

  61. I hate this commercial more than words can say. It’s sexist, the screaming is loud and annoying and goes on for far too long, and the entire premise is lame.

    If AT&T had flipped it around, had the woman put the phone on the table with the spider, have the man jump back and scream like a girl – for a shorter amount of time, and not at the same decibel level – and then have another woman smash the phone to “save” the man, I’d still find the screaming annoying, but I’d at least find the commercial funny.

    I hate this commercial even though i like spiders and love new tech.

  62. PLEASE END THIS commercial of the screaming girl at the spider. It’s insulting to the intelligence of the audience. I get the clarity of the phone product. BUT END IT PLEASE!!!!! I have to either change channels or just simply shut off the volume just so my family and myself can enjoy watching whats next on TV. END IT and NEVER show it again. TY!!

  63. All of you saying you love this comercial don’t have an infant at home. I swear if he’s sleeping he wakes up EVERY time this comercial comes on. It’s awful.

  64. I HATE this commercial and I don’t hate many things! This is by far one of the most annoying commercials out there! The people who came up with this should pursue a different career.

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