I love the weekend papers and half the reason is the ads.  The Best Buy ad for Sunday (which oddly comes in Saturday’s paper)  has this on the cover:

How am I certain it’s AT&T? look at the orange tiles – those are the AT&T preinstalled apps. So starting tomorrow you can preorder an HTC 8X online and in Best Buy stores. Of course they left out things like price and ship date, but whatever man.

If you want to get a sense as to whether or not Windows Phone 8 will get an advertising boost from Windows 8 just check out the cover of the Best Buy ad:

Traditional laptops, touchscreens, RT and Pro tablets living in sweet harmony with Windows Phones.

Anyone preordering tomorrow?

Now give me my Lumia already.

As a reminder of the specs:

  • 1.5ghz Dual Core Snapdragon
  • 16GB storage
  • 4.3” super LCD 2 with 720p resolution and Gorilla Glass 2
  • Front Facing camera is 2.1mp (1080p) and rear is 8mp (1080p too)
  • Beats Audio


  1. Well, it’s about freaking time. I can count on one hand the number of times a Windows Phone has been listed in a Best Buy Sunday circular (don’t get mine till Sunday) since November 2010. All while thy have plenty of room for Pantech, LG or other feature phones for free or $29.95. It’s gonna be a fun few months.

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