I was on WMPoweruser again, stumbled onto an article in which Surur offered a link to some sort of a petition to encourage Google to make some Windows Phone apps, suggesting that it was anticompetitive of Google not to (meaning, I believe, that Google may not want even more mobile competition and keeping their distance from the WP SDK is a means to that end). I don’t know if that’s deliberate on their part or if, as Schmidt has said, there is simply no room for Microsoft to compete here, so why should they blow resources into it as they have been with iOS, but I don’t see how anyone (who’s rational…) can disagree with Surur here who, like the rest of you, and me too, wants this platform to succeed (which is what it’s not doing).

So he posts this short article and, though I know Surur knew this would happen – but still, it shouldn’t — and boom, all his readers explode with absolutely vociferously vituperative anti-Google hatred. Every single comment I read was F Google, we don’t need their ad-infested evil spyware in exchange for our souls, Microsoft is better at everything they offer and F Google some more. I don’t even need to ask Surur if I can paste some of these comments because I cannot paste them here because they are just too profane.

People, firstly Surur is right that WP’s success stands to benefit if it had the same treatment by Google that iOS does (it certainly wouldn’t hurt, except your pride somehow I suppose), secondly you all obviously want WP to succeed so badly, that’s no secret, and yet you pile on to his suggestion to encourage Google to be helpful with this venom. Don’t you realize that makes no sense?

Not one of you noted something like “Well while I prefer such and such from Microsoft to Google’s crappy equivalent, yes it would be helpful, so let’s not be myopic folks.” Usually I find one or two of you being levelheaded, but not this time. Not one! The closest I found to someone making any kind of contrarian concession was that one guy sort of likes Google Talk but that’s it, the rest is garbage. Maybe, maybe not; but I’ll tell you what is garbage, your attitude.

Doug Simmons


  1. The rational sort may not have commented because: who cares. A petition itself is irrational. Google did not make their decision because they assumed windows phone users wouldn’t care. So a petition on this issue is quixotic at best.

    So if people want to vent, who cares? Calm your ass down about it.

    • Joe, while I am grateful for your teaching me a new word (quixotic), the rational ones on WMPU, though few and far between, do speak up from time to time (like the author of the article); and while people on the WMPU thread and you may not care about Google software being available for Windows Phone, many people on the fence about which platform to go with, for example Android users fed up with not getting updates on time or whatever, definitely would care a little about having an iPhone-like taste of Google available to them on their Windows Phone. Google’s products and services are, to the rest of the world, quite popular, and not all of the big ones have a Microsoft counterpart. Like Google Voice (correct me if I’m wrong). It would be advantageous to Microsoft, just as it may be to Apple, to have Google software available to their patrons, and Google wants as many people as possible to have access to their services, more than they want to use denying people of such things as leverage to get them to buy an Android phone. It seems crystal clear to me, in spite of that, that platforms with such a small share like Windows Phone, lately Blackberry and the likes of Bada are simply not worth the resources which would be better spent on iOS and of course Android.

      Unless of course they could make some sort of a deal with Microsoft to make it worth their while, and it wouldn’t hurt to see, coupled with the invariably superlative Windows Phone reviews, that this fire in the bellies of Windows Phone users to try to cook up a petition… it just might help.

      That said, you’re absolutely right, who cares, let them vent and I’ll calm my ass down about it for the time being.

  2. I can see the advantages in better support for Google services, but a part of me would rather see Microsoft succeed without them.. Reliance on Google has already shown it’s flaws with iOS maps for example. As long as Microsoft fills in the gaps with alternatives soon, Windows Phone will be fine.

    • It’s Apple with Steve at the helm that would be in a position to be just fine without Google, for a while without 3G, then for another clip without 4G, for years without bundled turn-by-turn. They’ve got that luxury, to step back from things.

      I’ve lost track of how long WP has been in flop/slow-burner territory. Were there things like some of Google’s apps and, say, iTunes support and so forth, how could that not be helpful to get another percent or two of the market? So when someone like Surur points his audience toward something that, though not even a longshot to make a difference, might help to that end, why does everyone flip out? Did Google kill their dog? No, they just can guess what type of doggie toys he likes that are sold nearby.

      Do you think Microsoft and Google employees despise each other the way people on these blogs do? I bet you no, not at all. I bet they’re quite friendly with one another, bet they cooperate sometimes, maybe talk about things like this, swap tips, and I’d also bet some of this takes place over both Google Talk and MSN Chat or whatever. Though there’s a flare-up here and there..

  3. don’t worry Doug Simmons
    soon windows phone will success and soon Google must use windows phone store
    its not about “not wanting other mobile OS platform”
    its about not wasting time for less mobile users, that’s all

    sorry for bad english

      • its only begun with windows phone 8 lunch
        no one expect windows phone 7 to success
        its only a start or test
        no one expect and one core device series to success

      • That’s bullshit, Windows enthusiasts from Ballmer to the guys on that WMPU thread have thought from well before day one that it would be a hit and not require a bunch of launches and mock funerals and billions in promotion to get such a negligible share that spent maybe most the time going backwards. And when presented with evidence that it’s flopping, they flip out in disbelief “just wait for the release of the official numbers” c’mon man.

  4. What does google offer that MS doesn’t already offer, and has built into the OS without needing to jump in and out of apps?

    It’s idiotic to see your stance that people would bad-mouth google, when in actuality it was google who (for lack of a better term) started this shit.
    Who knows where it’ll end up. But at this point IMO google looks childish as all f*ck.

  5. Started what shit? And why do they look childish?

    For starters, they offer, relative to everyone I believe, a better return on the dollar for buying ads to sell your stuff on digital things and a better return on the space on your website made up of ads that are the most likely to be relevant to their interests and therefore less of an irritant.

    They couldn’t hold that title without all these great and often free products and services at least a few if which that most of us use daily, so they make those things shine real nice and everybody wins. You’re right, they do tend to start it,.. then a few years later Microsoft tries to catch up. Not to be outdone, I imagine Microsoft is working on the ad brokerage game by now, but could you bing that for me?

    • So are we talking about search and ad sales now or are we talking about mobile.
      And what “title” do they hold?

      Last I checked google hadn’t started nor innovated anything but the constant legal problems they currently have with other companies.

  6. Oh geez, trying to reason with ms fanboys? Good luck! I have given up hope on them long ago. Even apple fanboys admit that apple maps sucked and have restored my faith in some of them. The ms fanboys are a whole different breed but thankfully far less of them.

  7. its not us to worry about
    but Google must worry about services like Google plus ,when Facebook are locally in windows phone and no one care about Google plus
    believe me.the only reason that Google not release his application yet, is the number of windows phone users
    when this number increased, we see Google applications

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