Android World Congress 2013

This year Mobile World Congress sounded just Android World Congress 2013. Even though there is no great announcements during MWC, at least we heard about new Android Devices. I think they...

Microsoft Office Web Apps for free

How many of you know Microsoft gives away Office Web Apps for free? Well yes, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote Web Apps are free with your SkyDrive and they are...

Amazon is to B&N as Intel is to AMD

Simple formula: once you get out in front release first, reduce margins and kill off your competition.

Some early Friday funny

Here is a little Friday funny a few hours early or right on time depending where you are in the world.

Apple wants more apps: Google more web

Apple has spent the past few years convincing us we need more apps. Chromium is reminding us that a better web is all we need. Putting games aside, Google will be...

first post?

@fellow writers u may now pist articles from ur phones thru email!!1 try to keep them short and twitterish kthx smh