Made in U.S.A

When I was kid and living in India, I had one stapler, which was made in USA. I liked its quality and from then onwards I wished I had access to...

Wirefly Puts Up Erroneous Phone Comparison Chart. Favors BlackBerry

Mistakes happen. That is a universal certainty and I’m really not one for conspiracy theories so I’ll just count this as a human mistake. The mistakes aren’t just a matter of...

BlackBerry store handling

Just finished spending a couple hours visiting local best buy, at&t and Verizon stores. Sells are not going well. They are hitting sales expectations but only because they are so low....

Windows 8 is selling at the same rate as Windows 7

Then why is this negativity from media? media Obviously I see competitors $ are work to throw mud on Microsoft products.

Tizen Phone by the end of this year?

BGR quotes in an interview with Bloomberg, Samsung’s EVP Lee said “The Tizen phone will be out in August or September, and this will be in the high-end category"

Skype People Hub integration update confirmed

Joe just went on the record: @ammarmalik1 Skype integration in people hub is on way... Requires a Skype update, and no I can't say when that's coming.