Comcast gets more of what they want.

Following the Netflix and Comcast agreement we get reports today that Netflix speeds have magically increased from around 1.5Mbps to over 2.  Seems like Comcast, with an extra influx of money from Netflix, was able to [...]

Engadget not at BUILD?

Like many of you, I’ve been perusing the news sites today looking for live blogs, streams, feeds, trickles, whatever I can find about the event.  One that usually covers it all rather heavily is Engadget.  I’m [...]

Happy Birthday Arthur!

I know this is way off topic, but I will be listening to Love on my phone and PC today, as well as watching Love videos on my Xbox tonight. So here it goes.   Arthur [...]

Rip-off Alert: Scotch Magic Tape – $3.16 a roll!

And that’s the three pack price. A single roll will set you back $3.79. I know this is completely off topic, but I had to share. My company is not too big on office supplies, and [...]

California Court Of Appeals Approves Drivers To Use Smartphone Maps

A California State Appeals Court has made a new ruling which says that California drivers can now view Smartphone based maps in their car while driving.  This going against the prior law that sad that no [...]

Your Car is Next On The Hackers List

One of the many topics we discuss here at the Mobility Digest water fountain is cyber security and where my skill and expertise is making cars run really fast, some of the guys here are more [...]

Capital One Being Proactive – Nice

Yep, I was one of the 40 million customers (or 80 million transactions, whatever) to get caught up in the Target data breach last December. Actually I made my purchase on December 14th, one day before [...]

Be Careful What You Forget to Unclick

I read an interesting article earlier this week regarding an iTunes install scam that ultimately loads a bunch of unrequested software before eventually directing you to the official iTunes download site. As bad as all that [...]

Way to go Plugable!

DISCLAIMER: I don’t know anything about this company, nor have I ever used any of their products. But if you judge a company by first impressions, then wow! In preparation for a new device I plan [...]

Is cancelling order at a PITA?

It seems it’s a PITA to cancel an order at The lack of proper cancelling procedure is really a mess it seems. You have to call so many numbers to just cancel on stupid order, [...]