Cooking For Geeks 2nd Edition Released

If you need a birthday present idea or being a Geek, you want to learn more about cooking and what we eat then check out the second edition of Cooking for Geeks. The second edition has [...]

Newegg Only

After a long clip of consumer celibacy, I decided to hit up Newegg and splurge and drop a grand on the mother of all monitors, even though I’m already living beyond my means, according to my tax [...]

How To Extend The Life Of Your Device Cables

Everyone has mobile phones now and most of us are even sporting tablets and the one consistent thing for all of them is they need to be charged. If you are an Apple fan like my [...]

Asus Note 8 vs. Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Writing Showdown

Well, honestly that headline is clickbait. The truth is that no capacitive tablet, regardless of whether it has AnyPen, ApplePen, or OtherPen technology built in, is going to beat the accuracy of a Wacom, or Wacom [...]

Webroot Internet Security Review

  Every day we’re bombarded with PC Matic commercials and print ads from McAfee, Kaspersky, AVG, Avast & Norton among others. I bet you haven’t heard of Webroot though. So does that make the product unworthy [...]

ESPN’s Super Bowl Coverage on Slacker Radio

Thought I would make sure to give everyone a heads up rolling into this weekends Super Bowl Sunday festivities that if you find yourself not sitting in front of a TV there is another way to [...]

The Most Popular Passwords for 2014 (#facepalm)

#facepalm #seriously? C’mon folks this is getting ridicules. No one should be living their lives thinking they are safe with passwords that use “123456” or the name of thier street, or scarier yet, their birthday or [...]

Your Solar Panels Don’t Have To Be Ugly Anymore

There is a major initiative by many companies as well as the government to get more people to use renewable energy. One very popular form of renewable home energy is putting solar panels on your house [...]

Smuggler Busted with 94 iPhones Taped To Body

It looks to be a very young man who got busted trying to smuggle 94 illegal iPhones taped to his body as he tried to get into China from Hong Kong. Customs officers noticed him walking…ah…. [...]

Keurig 2.0 Brewing System Goes High Tech

This article may not have anything to do with mobility, but there is no denying that it involves tech. Even some DRM type technology. And what technophobe has not relied on a burst of caffeine to [...]