Instagram Now Larger Than Twitter

With Instagram recently hitting 300 million users it has now passed Twitter in social users. Instagram’s growth does not seem to be slowing down any time soon which is good news for parent company Facebook. Is [...]

Slacker Radio Gets Nice Update

As millions of people turn to streaming media over Purchasing content their are plenty of music streaming providers to choose from. One of the premium services, Slacker Radio allows unlimited streaming skips, downloaded content for offline [...]

Clear Yo Damn Cache!

Let’s just say I use Chrome to look at a lot of highres pictures, right? Yeah, so what, that’s my business. I’ve noticed that Chrome slows down over time, but clearing out the cache fixes it. [...]

How Low Can They Go

  Can we all agree that with the rapid expansion of the Cloud, the bottom has dropped out of the memory card/USB stick market. $23 for 64GB? I paid more than that two years ago for [...]

Nokia 1020 Beats the Pants Off of iPhone 6 in Camera Showdown

So it appears the new iPhone 6 is no match for the beefy 41 megapixel camera on the Nokia 1020. That’s not even a fair contest. I liken that to ISIS, or ISIL, or IS, taking [...]

Windows 8 Split Personality

Unlike Microsoft’s, and Mr. Zuckerberg’s, preference, I choose to keep my personal and business lives separate. I have family & personal friends. And then I have business friends & contacts. For the most part, those two [...]

Bill Gates Philanthropy Not Affected By Increased Time at Redmond

Bill Gates, advocate of the widely criticized Common Core educational changes as well as renowned good guy and philanthropist, has been spending more time at Redmond as of late. Even though he just dropped 50 million [...]

Wife: Why Is Hong Kong Is Getting No Coverage?

So last night me and the missus were gearing up to watch NBC Nightly News. She cooked a good dinner, pasta and chicken and some green stuff. She worked hard on that dinner. She was texting [...]

RadioShack Laying Ground Work For Filing Bankruptcy

RadioShack’s falling store sales and profit is nothing new. In fact, stock prices have been falling since 2011 and in March of this year The Shack have been closing stores and and looking for ways to [...]

Norm MacDonald Shares a Robin Williams Story

A friend posted on Facebook this morning. I clipped all the tweets into a single page below.   Here is the original link from The Daily Banter    And here is a link to the full [...]