RadioShack Laying Ground Work For Filing Bankruptcy

RadioShack’s falling store sales and profit is nothing new. In fact, stock prices have been falling since 2011 and in March of this year The Shack have been closing stores and and looking for ways to [...]

Norm MacDonald Shares a Robin Williams Story

A friend posted on Facebook this morning. I clipped all the tweets into a single page below.   Here is the original link from The Daily Banter    And here is a link to the full [...]

Have You Noticed Mobility Digest’s Twitter Feed Lately?

If you are looking for more Mobility Digest content please check our Twitter feed that we have been working hard on. There you will find a lot more content than what gets published to the main [...]

Cord cutters next victim: Alarm systems

The cord cutting trend is gaining as people cut off expensive paid providers. This is laying the ground work for more service providers to get ripped for the same reasons. The reason we were forced to [...]

Coming Soon! MyBook–Social As It Should Be

  MySpace had its time. And Facebook, well……. Let me ask you this. If you had to make a list, with the things you like about Facebook on one side, and the things you dislike about [...]

A Memorial Day Message

Hope you all have a safe day off from work and school for Memorial Day tomorrow. While you’re enjoying your barbecues, beer, pools, parties and parades, please take 3 – 4 minutes out of your busy [...]

Comcast gets more of what they want.

Following the Netflix and Comcast agreement we get reports today that Netflix speeds have magically increased from around 1.5Mbps to over 2.  Seems like Comcast, with an extra influx of money from Netflix, was able to [...]

Engadget not at BUILD?

Like many of you, I’ve been perusing the news sites today looking for live blogs, streams, feeds, trickles, whatever I can find about the event.  One that usually covers it all rather heavily is Engadget.  I’m [...]

Happy Birthday Arthur!

I know this is way off topic, but I will be listening to Love on my phone and PC today, as well as watching Love videos on my Xbox tonight. So here it goes.   Arthur [...]

Rip-off Alert: Scotch Magic Tape – $3.16 a roll!

And that’s the three pack price. A single roll will set you back $3.79. I know this is completely off topic, but I had to share. My company is not too big on office supplies, and [...]