iOS 7.1 Already On 12% Of Devices After 2 Days

It doesn’t take long for iOS device owners to get their hands on the latest and greatest release of Apple’s mobile operating system. In what is pretty consistent with past releases 12% of iOS device owners [...]

Collapsible Leaf Mount Stand For Your Smartphones and Tablets

This actually looks pretty cool even though my naked device OCD is screaming at me NO! It’s the Leaf Mount aluminum stand for your Smartphone or Tablet and it has two sticky surfaces to hold your [...]

Ookla’s Speedtest.net Finally Gets An iPad Version

It’s always handy to know how fast your internet connection is and one of the more popular ways to test it is using Speedtest.net by the fine folks at Ookla. The app for the iPhone is [...]

The PebbleBee New Technology for Keeping Up With Personal Items

I need about a million of these! I live with people that cannot keep track of anything! I am constantly looking for all sort of items that they have misplaced. This small round and thin device [...]

Weather Chum Brings Humor To iOS

I just saw this and thought I would pass it along. I have not tried it yet but watched the video and it seems pretty entertaining. Often times the weather when it is bad can get [...]

Microsoft Office Online Goes Live

I am just going to go ahead and say this is really cool! I have been using Google Docs for a long time now basically because I use an iPhone and iPad a lot for business [...]

SkyDrive Change To OneDrive Complete And Chance For 100GB Free

In January it was announced that Microsoft would be changing the name to it’s very popular cloud storage service from SkyDrive to OneDrive because of their losing efforts to defend a trademark lawsuit brought forth by [...]

I hate you Flappy Bird!

I know many of you get sick of me bragging on OtterBox Defender cases but yesterday it saved me money once again when it saved my son’s iPad from utter destruction! Out of the corner of [...]

iOS App Scanner Pro by Readdle Free Right Now

Everyone loves a great deal and there is no better than “free”. Right now at the App Store Scanner Pro by Readdle is free which is normally priced at $7. I went ahead and grabbed and [...]

Apple Strikes Deal with China Mobile

Surely one of the biggest projects for Tim Cook, Grand Poobah of Apple was to not only deliver on to me a large screen fruit phone (so far #fail) but to also land the iPhone in [...]