imageIf you’re using a Windows Phone then you’re probably already in bed with SkyDrive so may as well stream your music from SkyDrive as well.  Cloud Music doesn’t just do it, they’ve clearly spent the time to make it full featured and look like a native app. Here are the complete details:

Cloud Music is a music player that accesses your SkyDrive account and will look for any music collection you have stored on SkyDrive (based on Zune folder structure). Cloud Music if one of the first SkyDrive true music players offering true integration with SkyDrive key features include

• SkyDrive Integration

• Stream or Download Music Playback

• User Selectable Artist and Album Images

• .mp3 and .aac playback formats

• Custom Playlist

• User selectable Playlist album images

• Background Audio Playback

• Offline Mode for Albums and Playlist

• Zune Music Hub Integration

• Shuffle Playback

• Repeat Playback

• Pin Albums and Playlist to Start

• Recently Played and New Music View there are many more features included and more to come!

Give the 14 day free trial a try with full feature set enabled.

You can check it out here for where there’s a free trial and it’s $1.29 to own.


  1. I guess that would free up some space on my phone, the only problem being I would have to have a decent data connect to get to it. Skydrives purpose is not for storage as much as it’s for device information sharing/paring when we get to Windows 8/WP8. Careful not to rely on these services, it’ll cost more later.

    I’ll start making a file of music I don’t have to have….

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