It has been a long and arduous journey for those of us waiting for the Venue Pro.  The release of this phone has been pushed back so many times I’ve lost count already.  I ordered this puppy on Dec 1(when it finally went live online).  I would’ve drove to a MS store to pick one up but the nearest one is like a 10 hour drive away.  Then when I finally got to place my order, I thought “hey, at least I’ll get it before Christmas”.  My estimated delivery date was Dec. 15.  I just checked my order today to see if it had shipped yet, and I now have an “updated” delivery estimate of Jan 6.  2011?!?! Are you fucking serious???  It’s not the fact that the phone has been delayed that pisses me off, but that it’s again and again.  Every time I get my hopes up that it’s coming, Dell spits in my face.  Why couldn’t they just say Jan 2011 from the beginning???  I’m hanging in there because I really love the design of the phone.  Hell, I even have the Otterbox case for it.  Just waiting for the phone so I can do a review of it(which I was looking forward to doing this week).  But if Dell decides to delay my phone 1 more time, I swear I’m going to cancel my order, buy an HD7 or Focus and burn this Otterbox case!  I’ll even video tape myself burning the Venue Pro case(sorry, Otterbox, nothing against you I love your cases, you’re just collateral damage) with the replacement phone just to give one extra “FUCK YOU” to Dell!  Are you listening Dell??? Give me my phone!!! You designed a great device, but you are seriously losing your entire consumer base here with poor business practices.


  1. I’m in the same boat. I’m contemplating returning mine as well. Between the flimsy laptop screen that cracked under normal pressure from closing and this, Dell is on the verge of losing my business forever. I rarely ever write to complain about things but I’m seriously considering writing their customer service depertmant to be heard.

  2. Dude,
    That really sucks. Yes it is a nice looking phone… and yes that Gorilla glass is cool… but… Ive been rockin my HD7 for over a month now… and I can tell you without a doubt… THIS IS SPARTA!
    Dude, its thin, not light but not heavy… perfect feeling in the hand. Screen is beautiful, which I was concerned with being that I left my Samsung Galaxy S phone with that orgasmin Super Amoled screed…no worries… the HD7’s screen is almost perfect.
    And typing with the onscreen keyboard is truly amazing. I couldnt believe how great the keyboard is.
    Fuck Dell… get the HD7. If the Venue pro comes out and ya like it that much…. trust me… you’ll be able to sell the HD7 no problem and pick up the Venue.
    Just an opinion :)

  3. It sucks when manufacturers don’t just come out and tell you the truth. As if doing so would ruin their credibility. But as you point out by not coming clean that’s exactly what they are doing. I can respect a company that admits, “hey we screwed up but we are working feverishly to fix it”. And throwing something in for my patience and loyalty wouldn’t hurt. Does Dell think that explaining they are replacing a component or changing a spec to “improve” the device will drive away customers. The few existing VenuePro users seem to be happy. Just explain the situation in an open letter from the CEO and move on. Sort of like sitting on the tarmac in a stuffy plane with no updates. Makes your blood boil.

  4. I feel your pain. I too have been waiting very patiently for this phone to launch. December 1 came and I saw that it was finally available and I quickly orded one using the 7 day delivery because I had just paid VZ for another month of service. Then I see that Dell was not even shipping the Venue Pro till December 9 when meant I would not get my phone till Dec 17. Still no problem because I’d have a few days before I’d have to make another payment to Verizon.

    I had a suspicion that the phone was gonna be delayed because it had not shipped and was due this Friday and when I woke this morning my suspicions were confirmed when I saw a message from Dell stating the following:

    “Dear Customer,
    We wanted to let you know that there is a delay with one or more items in your order.

    Based on the latest available information, we have adjusted the Estimated Delivery Date and are confident your order will be delivered on or before 01/10/2011

    We are sorry for the delay and appreciate your patience.”

    I hate to be a dick but I’ve been waiting for this phone for entirely too long so I think I deserve to be a little upset. But Im assume they delay is addressing a problem with the phone so it makes me feel better but still it makes Dell look bad.

  5. Just to give an update. It’s July 6th 2011. I ordered my phone June 26th, schedule delivery July 6th. Received first delay notice via email. They said they were confident I would have the phone on or before July 11th. This morning a new notice, another delay no they need my permission to continue with the order. Delay till July 14th.

    It is my opinion that something is seriously wrong here, so Im bailing, sorry Dell you lost yet another sale due to your inability to deliver a product.

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