According to a recent press release issued by Best Buy more than half of the American mobile phone users do not know when their plan expires.  I do find that hard to believe but I am guessing that this will be getting better in the future as newer and better phones keep on coming out every 6 months.  I can also guarantee that every single Apple Fanatic out there knows when their plan expires.  The survey conducted by GfK Roper also provided these results.

45 percent look for multimedia capabilities including music, video and camera
32 percent look for GPS navigation
29 percent want to replace landline phone
26 percent want to be able to access social networking sites
26 percent want to be Wi-Fi enabled
15 percent want to make eCommerce purchases from their mobile devices
15 percent want to be able to download a movie
14 percent want to be able to play games from their smart phone

To help consumers with their mobile phone plans (and also to sell more hardware) Best Buy Mobile created a upgrade checker website for consumers.  The site lets the consumer check to see when their plan expires and also to send them a notification via text when their plan is about to expire.  I have tried this site and it is user friendly and does as advertised.  So give it a shot and start counting down the days that you can get rid of your iPhone and go to WP7.


  1. I don’t know when but I do know that it expired long ago. Became a non-issue when Google unleashed the AT&T-friendly Nexus One which they sold themselves.

    Their self-branded phone dealing operation may have come to a close (maybe not) but a lot of time will pass, I suspect, between now and when I feel my Nexus has become too dated and by that time maybe I’ll have another opportunity to … ahh well you get the idea, I love google.

  2. I do! From the day i sign the contract i pretty much start counting down till the day it expires. not literally but I know the exact date on which my contract expires and i am always looking for some breach in contract by the phone companies so I can cancel my contract without an ETF.

  3. I am an old AT&T customer, AT&T Blue, from before they were Cingular.
    They can’t beat my plan price, and I’ve gotten phones from eBay and Craig’s List rather then change plans and pay more. I don’t do texting or data anything, just phone calls.
    My wife and mom are on the plan, and they just do voice, too.
    I have a SE w810i, which is a Walkman phone, and is great.
    I don’t plan on changing my plan anytime soon.

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