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Show Pictures on Your TV Through USB

One of the key features of the Touch Pro is the ability to use tv-out. And when that fancy cable came out we were all clamoring to get our hands on it. And I’ll be honest, I bought the cable and I like to have it. But what if you didn’t buy it? Good news – you can still get some photo-out functionality. All you need is a tv or surround sound system that has USB-in. I have a pretty cheap DVD/surround sound system and it has USB input and most newer systems have it as well (some tv’s as well). All you need to do is connect your Fuze to it over USB and choose Disc Drive as the method of connection and if you go to the USB input on your system you should be able to navigate through your storage card using your tv/surround sound controller. Once there you can play a slide show and even play music and videos but to do that your system needs to have encoders built into it (I had a problem playing mp3’s but wav files played fine and my mp4’s did not take well to it either but that was my system).

As for photos I had no problems. The quality was far better than what I expected and was pretty much dependant on the quality of the photo. I tried some photos in 800 x 600 and was surprised how well they viewed. Here’s a photo I took of my tv showing an image that was in 640×480 (excuse the blue hue – it’s my backlight adjustment that I didn’t change and ignore any political messages since I use this as a friend’s contact photo:) ). So no, it’s not the full functionality of the tv-out cable (there’s no viewing my screen in real time) but if you just want to show off some photos or play some music and don’t want to spend more money on a fancy cable then here’s your answer. And I’ve tested this on my Fuze (Touch Pro) as well as on a Touch HD and both worked.

Thanks to beunos of XDA for the tip.