There seems to be a theme I’m hearing – Windows Phone users love their phones. I mean they love them to the extent that they are talking advertisements for Microsoft. I have a few friends who own them (mostly non-techies) and they all keep telling me that they can’t put them down and love to show it off. But let’s put this to a simple poll but please, only answer if you own a Windows Phone. And feel free to justify your answer in the comments.

Word of mouth may just be the thing that starts the snow ball rolling down the hill…

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  1. In all honesty, I’m in between a 4 and 5, but I gave it a 5. Overall, my Focus is great. My only complaint with the phone stems from how poorly the expandable storage situation was handled by Microsoft, Samsung, and AT&T.

    AT&T should not have gone against Microsoft’s will for the platform and request Samsung make a phone that has expandable storage, Samsung clearly did not do the due diligence with testing what cards would work well, and Microsoft should have had the balls to either get ahead of the problem by working a deal to get cards certified before launch (they obviously knew this was going to happen) or not allow AT&T/Samsung to do this.

    The reason why this doesn’t affect my experience much is because I’ve found out that I don’t need to have all of my music on my phone, when I only really listen to about 4GB or so on a regular basis.

  2. I simply can’t get enough of my WP7 phone. My Fuze and Tilt2 were more in the 3-4 range. They were powerful devices (in capability, not processing power) that could get a lot done, but typically only after a fresh reset and with nothing else loaded to bog things down. With this phone I can be in the middle of an email or text, get a phone call, and get right back to the message after the call without missing a beat. No hesitations, no studders. Everthing just flow smoothly. The more I use it the more confident I become, bouncing from messaging to RSS feeds, jumping into IE to view a few stories and videos, then over to calendar and then maybe people updates. Could never even think of doing that with my Tilt2.

    Aside from the few glitches that have been posted here, and that I have purposefully tried to reproduce numerous times for the sake of understanding, the phone has been marvelous. After spending a joyful hour or two bouncing all over the place, it’s almost like the phone says to me, “that’s all you got”. Sure Gen 1 has a few limitations, but nothing that has kept me from thoroughly enjoying this experience. Try it, you’ll like it. You might just love it.

  3. i love my phone. i cant believe so many people have so much bad things to say about this OS when they havent even tried it. i think people will eventually catch on. in the meanwhile i love being the first and showing it off to my friends.

  4. WP7 was a tough sell for me — so many things my WM6.5 phone was doing, nothing available for WP7 … do I really want to make the switch? Now that I have switched, I have no intention of ever going back. WP7 is far better than I thought. I’m hooked!

  5. Took the plunge, dropped my Fuze for a Focus (FREE from Amazon!) and I can’t believe how smooth every aspect is. The few functionality things that I’m still trying to replace really don’t bother me compared to being able to ditch that frustrated feeling I would get every time WM locked up.
    The best part is that all the time I used to spend trying to “optimize” WM, now I spend web surfing or looking for games!

  6. As a C# developer, possibility are endless for this phone to have my company’s internal software running on this phone, in a matter of days (10) we were able to port multiple modules to this platform, I mean geez, it couldn’t get any easier than this.

  7. Love the phone, sure there are a few glitches, but aside from going on an airline, I have never powered down my phone! With Windows Mobile I used to have to reset it a few times, just to view MMS or SMS messages. It was so frustrating overall even though I loved the flexibility. I don’t miss it one bit!

  8. I love my Focus. I’ve had the 8525 (or something like that), the Tilt 1, the Fuze, the Tilt 2, and now the Focus. It is the best Windows Phone yet. I have loved all my previous WPs with the only bad thing was Touch Flo/Sense slowed things down a whole lot.
    I’m so glad MS prevented all the deep integration with the OS which allows the phones to show their true OS potentials. Although Samsung could have put some more efforts in creating more apps. Nothing is setting the Focus apart besides the hardware at this point. But in the end I love my Focus. Even my wife says she loves her Quantum, she never had a Windows Phone before.

  9. I voted, even through I don’t technically HAVE a Windows phone. I have an old Dell Axim x51v, which I use everyday, and often (although not every day) on-line.
    I had Skype on it and one time, but didn’t use that much.
    I really like my WM device, it has been loaded with the WM5 (originally), and WM6.1, 6.5, and 6.5.5, and I am trying 6.1 now since I kept getting resets with 6.5.5 and 6.5.
    When ever I do go to a smart phone, I think it will be a Windows phone, but I’m a little leery going to WM7, I think I’d use an HTC WM6.5-something phone.

  10. @DavidK: That was exactly how I came to know this site and became a frequent reader back when it was called Fuzemobility. This site has been a great resource for me.

  11. As a former blackberry-a-holic, I switched to the WP7 Samsung Focus and have been pleasently surprised at how much I am starting to like it. I spent the last 2-3 months trying other phones including the iPhone and the Droid X. Also as a c#/silverlight developer it was a wise choice. No need to buy a mac, learn objective c, or mono. Also no need to learn how to develop for the android. Found that there is also a wide open territory for app development on WP7. As a bonus what I thought was arthritic thumbs have been slowly healing. Must have been the dreaded blackbery thump disease.

  12. Agreed Doug (on the first point, second may need a poll). But in the past we WM drones visiting MD was like taking our babies to the hospital, “can you fix her Doc”. Now its like a trip to the beach, with the top down, “whazz up?”. A whole different paradigm.

  13. I hontestly enjoyed visiting blownfuze for the writting and not so much for the fuze fixes…

    The day Simmons switches to WP7 (because he will) will define this site.

  14. @jimski totally agree, I am no longer embarassed to show off what used to be a dinasaur in my pocket (i.e. WM x.x).

    I am now also able to laugh (while knowing I was not too long ago in their shoes) at the Android users (some very new to the samrtphone world) that constantly complain about this or that app draining their battery. In my opinion this is mainly due to them not closing their apps properly or not having a OS with a system that actively “suspends” apps. However, in thinking about a mainstream phone (we all can’t be techies or it would be a cruel world indeed) that requires the level of knowledge that WM and Andriod almost take for granted you will have issues like these.

    While we all want an open ecosystem, we take for granted that there are legitimate reasons why Apple has done as well as it did. Granted the somewhat cult following has not hurt business one bit either. I suspect that Google will be taking a hard look at their platform as well. At some point these devices become so indispensible that they just need to work like a feature phone would.

    In the end, I give MS a lot of credit for following the draconian ways of Apple with their own twist. WP7 is a platform that should start bringing MS back some of its lost user share. If it doesn’t, then we have all taken too big of a bite of the enchanted apple (pun intended) or the little green robot. Granted they have taken a little too long in the kitchen, but the combination is there for me to recommend it even to non-techies. I still hestitate recommending Android to anyone I might have to “support.”

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