Ok, for all you sick of the Venue Pro drama, I apologize, but this is hopefully the last "update" before we get our hands on an actual Venue Pro. Apparently Dell has indeed begun shipping some Venue Pros ahead of the Jan. 6th estimate. Dell has marked my order as "shipped" and Fedex gives an estimated delivery date of Dec. 17. Thank you Dell for getting everything taken care of. I can’t wait to get my hands on this device. I’ve literally been dreaming of it since I first saw it leaked months ago. Complaints about the delay aside, I’m extremely happy to know that my phone is on the way…finally. Hopefully all of the bugs have been worked out and I can give this phone the A+ rating it deserves.

UPDATE: Looks like Dell never upgraded my shipping to Next Day Delivery, but I’m not complaining; I’m getting my phone, and that’s all I really wanted.  Just thought I would mention it.  Hopefully Dell remembers to upgrade everyone else to Next Day service.


    • man…i have a right to be angry angry with them! especially since i’ve been a strong supporter of their’s ever since I bought my Precision M4400(that is one awesome machine, build quality is top notch). I even owned shares of Dell until recently(needed to free up some cash in my portfolio for another purchase and dell just happened to be the worst performing of the bunch with least short term potential). Dell makes great products, and their tech support(at least for their business line is above and beyond the rest). That’s probably the reason why I was so disappointed with the Venue Pro launch…I just had high expectations. And come on…3+ delays within a 2month time frame? that’s kinda much, dont you think?

  1. @ramon trotman: yup, i just got off the phone with dell. they are not happy with you at all. They said something about you’ll be getting yours last? i dont know man, this whole thing is crazy….have you ever been to the apple store? LMAO!

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