Internally we’ve been discussing just how hard it is to find someone walking around with a Windows Phone. Admittedly, there’s a sea of iPhones, Android devices and Blackberries but I probably only see a Windows Phone in someone’s hands once a week. That’s still more than the zero times I’ve seen a WebOS device but that’s not saying much. And yeah I have a few friends who saw mine and then bought one for themselves but seeing a random person is harder than finding Waldo.

What are you seeing? We know there’s not a huge market saturation for Windows Phones at this stage, but do you see them around at all or do you think Microsoft really need to work on marketing as soon as Mango hits if they want to save the platform?


  1. I’ve seen 5 or 6 since December but I live in Microsoft country just a city north of Redmond where all the employees were given one.

  2. I saw Patrick Kortendick’s WP7 phone at CES.

    Other than that, I’ve never seen a WP7 device outside of a cellular provider store. Everyone at my office has either an iPhone 4 or an Android (‘droids’ as they call them to my ever-growing annoyance) phone – there’s a couple random older guys that are hanging onto their blackberry devices like they’re made from gold though….

    No one outside of MobilityDigest that I know has one.

  3. Since I bought my Omnia 7 on launch day in the UK (I think I got the second one sold in Orange’s flagship store), I hadn’t seen a single other…

    …until queuing to get into the O2 to see The Wall a couple of weeks ago, where the guy right in front of me had an HD7. For a few minutes, I was actually more excited about that than the show!

  4. First one of my PhD friends got a WP7 phone. Then my nephew showed up with one on a visit. Then I find out that my father got one. Of the three, only my father is dissatisfied, and that’s because of the gymnastics he has to go through to keep his data synched (and because he never wanted Zune).

  5. ive seen probably 3 in the wild since launch day (not including friends i talked into one)

    i have also seen 2 web os devices in the wild since… ever.

  6. Ever see one in a Best Buy mailer? Steps like that would push the device, but MS is dropping the ball!

  7. Never seen one. Even the stores in my area only have dummy cardboard and plastic Windows phones. I’ve never ever seen a real one.

  8. Interestingly, the only three I’ve seen so far are SAMSUNG Omnia 7
    one mine and two on different occasions.
    But god, it feels good when I see someone rocking a WP7

  9. I live in Kansas City, been flying to various cities on the west coast weekly for the past few months. Still have never seen one other than mine and my wife’s. And it’s funny, as soon as we hit 10,000 feet, everybody on the plane pulls out their frickin’ iPad. I feel like the last guy on earth with a laptop!

    If MS is going to make a tablet, or get Windows 8 on the market, they better hurry before everyone has an iPad already. And if I had an iPad, I’d be inclined to get an iPhone to keep music and things synced.

    MS is losing opportunities every day they are not yet “ready” (with Mango, tablets). Maybe the XBox crowd will be their market.

  10. I guess the windows phone commercials are correct. We spend more time actually living life, than twiddling or displaying our phones in public. My co-worker who sits a desk away from me has had a focus for months, but I only recently discovred this a few weeks ago.

  11. I seat besides a guy that is having some dinner in the food court of the biggest mall in my country (Panama). I was playing with my Samsung Galaxy… when he finishes and start a phone call in a huge HTC phone that I though was a Desire HD or something.

    After a few seconds he turns and I notice the yellow color behind the kickstand confirming it was a HD7.

    Just wow…I could not believe a WP7 device came to my country.

  12. Aside from the friends who have bought one after seeing mine I’ve only seen 2. Reactions are all the same though, once someone sees it and plays with it they like it and express interest in getting one when their contract is up. Sadly in my area alot of people are on Sprint and the Arrive came out rather late.

  13. I’ve never seen one in the wild and anyone i tell about the new windows phone, always replies with “i’ll never have another windows phone in my life!”

  14. I live in a college town in Utah. I’ve seen two WP7 in the wild, one that I didn’t recognize which probably was one of the cheaper models and an HD7. Of course I see mine every day :).

  15. In Lowell, MA here. I know a few people with foci. In the “wild” I’ve met one (completely non-techie) girl with an LG Quantum, but that’s it.

  16. I’ve seen four. Interestingly one of my friends bought one about two weeks after a bus ride where he asked to play fruit ninja on it. I guess he did more than play fruit ninja. And I’ve had 4 different iPhone 4 users say “Dude, is that the new windows phone? I love that thing! lemme see it.” It seems like everyone who actually uses one is impressed or at the very least respects it.

  17. I’ve seen more than a few on my commute to northern Long Island. I’m starting to see a couple more LG quantums (why?!) but normally when I see them, I only see the Focus and HD7.

  18. Nothing yet, live in the Houston Area. A co-worker is still rocking his Samsung Blackjack III with WinMob 6.5 but I don’t think that counts. We all give him hell but he insists that it does everything he needs it to do, he has no need for a “gloried website launcher” as he calls iPhones and Android Phones.

  19. Once a week? I’ve only seen two others since launch. Both appeared to be the Samsung Focus. One was around December 2010, surprisingly only a month after they became available. The other was in late March. On the other hand, I knew about 3 people who used to have the Palm Pre. They have since gone to Android and Blackberry.

  20. damn people why would you wanna see what people are using anyways???
    we all know its apple android domination… WHOS NEAR ME app, and IM WP7 YOU ALL WILL SEE WHOS USING ONE…
    3 of my co workers have a surrounds and focus.. most of my coworkers are using the APPLE… but it so funny when they see me watch netflix during break time in the nurses lounge they all wanna see my phone.. of course im using the kick stand…
    they are blown away by the metro UI, PANAROMIC APPS… showed them the life tracker app… blown away.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    imdb,ebay and of course the fbook integration,xbox live games,live tiles,and more.. BLOWN AWAY… like what elop said, msft needs manufacturers support to make the best hardwares that will not compromise the OS…. MANGO LETS GO!!!!!!

  21. those I know who like phones ate asking me about Mango. I show them the demo videos of Joe belfiore from may 24th and the common reaction is wow. I understand techie users like the power of Android but the regular Joe is very impressed with Windows Phone and Mango is a huge addition for the platform.

    To each his own but I’ll be repping windows phone hard.

  22. Yes, I’ve seen 2 WP7s while people-watching, and 2 or 3 at developer networking events, in Idaho. (Microsoft has minimal presence here; I know the local employees and immediate family. Now, I have seen at least 30 if you count them. ;))

  23. I know what you all meant, its gonna be hard to see what other people use… So I’m wp7 and who’s near me is the best way to see..someone should organize a meet and greet windows phone owners… Hahahaha sounds fun ryt…
    I believe that people will get to know windows phone with the right advertisements and support of the carriers and manufacturers, with mango and Nokia comin up, we will see a new breed of windows phone hardware…not only in the USA but all continents… So be patient

  24. I just tell my friends to get them….and I see them using it…so I see wp7 quite often….=)

  25. I’ve seen a few actually, but I live in the Dallas Fort Worth area. So, outta 6 million+ people, you figure you’ll see more of them.

  26. I haven’t seen anyone with one, or know anyone else that has one. Even my wife traded hers in the day we got it in the mail! =( I luv mine now ,especially after nodo!

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