Just yesterday we received word that Nokia was setting up an arch in the mall just feet away from the London 2012 Olympics and Stefano Santos was nice enough to go through the mall and share his photos with us. You can see in the mall there’s already a lot of Windows Phone marketing before you make it to the Nokia booth and the arch itself is bigger than I imagined. Neat installation overall and great marketing which appears to be effective as it’s sparking up conversations.

Interestingly the Feedback is labeled as “feedback to Nokia:Nokia values your opinion” and there’s a “We Care’ application which bears Nokia’s logo as well so it’s clear that they are taking ownership of this experience even if the core OS is Microsoft’s. And yes, there’s a contacts transfer app as well so they’re making sure that the day one experience is a good one.

Overall I think Nokia’s headed in the right direction here and what’s good for Nokia is good for all Windows Phones. What do you think?

Thanks again to Stefano for taking the time and sharing with us!


  1. Thank you David for the credit.

    I’m not sure how long the Arc will be there for but if anyone feels like I have missed something or would like additional information or something, please let me know and on my way home tomorrow I can make another stop at the Nokia Arc.

    PS: the only reason I took photos of the Phones4u store was because I was surprised that the iPhone 4S has only one tiny poster on the far left of the shop, and it seems as though phones4u are really pushing Windows Phone as there was a working Nokia 800 handset inside, and on one of the photos you can see a HTC Titan working model.

  2. Pics were great! But kind of expected a bigger arch. Maybe I read the plans in the other post wrong(mostly just glanced over it). What they have is good, but I think a massive arch would garner more attention from passersby when they see it and think “what on earth is that?!?!”. I guess as long as they have a consistent crowd around the display they’re getting the job done though.

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