imageIn the past we’ve brought you some great deals including Zagg discounts and I’ve often gone for the deals myself. But I never installed them on my Fuze actually (I did try them on other phones though) so may as well give them away.  Anyway, I have one full body shield and one that’s just the screen to giveaway. Oh and don’t ask why I bought a second one when I never used the first one…I wouldn’t be able to answer that aside from saying that it was on sale so I kept buying. Not sure how many of you are still using Fuzes but if you do (and it’s not too late) may as well protect the sucker for free.

Getting to the details, the full body is listed as HTC Touch Pro GSM (Full Body) and here’s the link to Zagg’s site which they still list for $25. The screen shield is listed as HTC Fuze Screen and here’s the link to Zagg’s site which they list for $15. The screen is just that – a single small sheet that just covers the top portion of the phone. The full body comes with the spray bottle if you want it (it’s just water) but I lost the install squeegee (you can just use a credit card).

Anyway, let my loss be your gain. All you need to do to enter is add a comment to this post. I’ll pick two winners -  first gets the full body and the second gets the screen. Only limitation is that I’m only going to ship it within the US…it’s free man:) If you enter more than once only the first entry counts…but you still get a pity vote in my heart for wanting to protect your aging phone. And we’ll run this for a week ending September 2nd at 5pm EST. Now…let’s see if we have two people using Fuzes still ;)


  1. Wohoo! Free stuff! I’m still using my Fuze after a year and a half (in my RSS reader this site is still called “Fuze Mobility”) and still have the original screen protector that came with it on there! a new one (and more) would be sweet.

  2. Make that three! FuzeMobility was the place I turned to every time I forgot my screen resolution (was that VGA or WVGA?) or the path to xda-developer before both were engrained in my brain. The Fuze is still my first and only smartphone. $300 is too much to throw away after just two years!
    Keep up the great work here!

  3. make that 3 haha!

    i actually tried the zagg screen protector about a year ago and i found it to be a little too tacky, and i don’t mean like a pink flamingo on the front lawn. it was almost too sticky to slide your finger smoothly. besides that though it was a great product – very rugged.

  4. @Nikhil S: I like the giving spirit :) You did what I did and bought and never used? They get so cheap at times it seems to make sense to jsut get them and figure out what to do with it later:)

  5. I’m still using a Fuze, but have a screen protector already so don’t need this one. Hoping to upgrade to a different device later this year. The Fuze still works, but is definitely starting to show its age.

  6. Im still rocking the Fuze! Im sort of stuck because I dont want to pay for data but as soon as I slap my SIM in a new smartphone… BAM, game over. Oh well, help me make this phone last even longer!

  7. i think i have an extra full body at home for teh fuze that i might be able to ‘donate’ to this giveaway. i’ll have to check tomorrow and post back here

  8. Still using my Fuze, or shalI I use the XDA term, Raphael. It’s still kicking, but am anxiously awaiting WP7 models to be released. Fuze will always be there for a backup. It was the first phone I ever flashed!

  9. My Bodyguardz protector for my Fuze is peeling off like crazy. I am in the market for a new body protection for my fuze!!

  10. I’m also still using my fuze, just had to replace the “motherboard” cable on it and its back up and running. Great phone, no reason for me to upgrade yet, looking at all of my options. For now, no contract so i can do whatever but with (2) fuzes (mine and my gf) we’re doing just fine.

  11. I bought a Zagg shield but it was a mess in the summer. Everything but the screen protector came off.

    Free stuff is always great! :)

  12. I’m still using a Fuze too! (though may be switching to the Captivate in Dec at contract time) I’ve had a Zagg (Invisible Shield back then) screen cover on my Fuze for 20 months now, and it’s still doing the job. What a great product. So I don’t really need the free screen cover…just wanted to share some of the Fuze love.

  13. I got my Fuze on December 2008. It is almost two years old and still kicking. I just flashed it with the latest Energy ROM. What a difference it made! I do not know why I did not flashed it before. It is faster, it has many more programs and it looks much better.
    Well I just got the new iPhone 4 which, by the way, has been jailbroken to unlock its full potential. What a nice piece of hardware as well. I can’t wait to be able to install Android on my iPhone. I used to hate Apple but the hardware implementation is awesome.
    The fuze is still a great phone that will be sold in eBay very soon . I can’t believe these phone are still selling for $200. They are great pieces of hardware. I will miss it but I need to pay for my new toys. I wish I could keep it.
    A new screen protector would be awesome.

    I might go back to Windows Mobile in a few years when the program is more mature. Just like the iPhone, when it came out in 2007, it was lacking a lot of features. Now it is almost perfect.

    Thank you

  14. I almost forgot. Fuzemobility taught me a lot. This is the fist mobility site I visited almost every day to learn everything about the Fuze. The site made my Fuze a much more enjoyable device with its tricks and tips. I save a lot of money and time tethering my Fuze with my laptops on emergencies when my internet went down at my house or when a WiFi was not available.
    I learned step by step on how to tether the device in your site.

    Thank you for all the great information posted in the site. I will always be visiting and support your advertisers.


  15. My fuze is what made me search out your site.

    Fuze is still working well and should get me through until I find a WP7 to replace it.

  16. @DavidK – i actually had a shipping issue and i got the original one i ordered a week after i called them and had me send another one (2 weeks after ordering the first one). forgot to check if it’s still a full kit though – will have to get back to you again

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