Nice to see a full featured GPS solution available for Windows Phones. Garmin has made Garmin StreetPilot available for $40 (no trial though). Here’s the details:

Download Garmin StreetPilot® and get Garmin® navigation, similar to the premium features on Garmin’s renowned nüvi® personal navigators. Designed exclusively for your Windows Phone, this application works on both 3G and EDGE networks and turns your device into a GPS navigator with turn-by-turn voice-prompted directions.
With Garmin StreetPilot®, you’ll always have access to the most up-to-date map data available. And to minimize data usage, maps are downloaded on demand for areas relevant to your route. Garmin StreetPilot® also includes real-time traffic updates at no extra cost. So you’ll know which areas to avoid as you travel.
Garmin StreetPilot® stores map data on your device so you can continue to view route details as you travel in and out of coverage areas. In addition, Garmin StreetPilot® lets you browse maps that have already been downloaded and stored on your device. Instead of downloading additional data for areas outside your travel area, Garmin StreetPilot® only accesses the map data you need to navigate your route.
Features include:
-Always up-to-date maps for the U.S. and Canada, downloaded to your device on demand
-Voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions including street names
-Real-time traffic updates included at no additional cost
-Automatic map storage so you can browse maps you’ve recently viewed outside of data coverage areas
-Works great at both 3G and Edge connection speeds
-Speed limits for most major roads
-Integrated Local Search
-Millions of points of interest
-Lane assist with junction view for complicated interchanges
-Address book integration to navigate to contacts
-Current weather conditions and forecast
-Place calls directly from search listing
-Navigate in both portrait and landscape mode
-Easy to install with quick load times

Bing maps still needs to catch up to this a bit and of course, the offline nature of it can be better for those with tiered plans (assuming that they have all the maps they need when they begin the route).

Here’s the link to Marketplace.

via WMPU


  1. Highly recommend it if you are a current Garmin user. Got it for the iPhone, works great even when AT&T network is not so great, just make sure you enter your destination while you have a good connection. I was a little reluctant because it didn’t download all the maps to your device like some of the other apps but I have had no issues. I had previously tried CoPilot (an only WM favorite), software was horrible to setup routes or search for places to add to routes. I used OCN for my Fuze back in the day, this is just as good as that, except for the no local maps option.

  2. Still hoping for an option with complete local map database. I was actually really pleased with CoPilot on my Fuze. However, if no one else jumps in any time soon, this may be the best option for me. This is one of the few holes I’ve been waiting to fill on my WP7!

  3. i doubt we’ll get a complete local map solution (like having the entire east coast on your phone) any time soon because of the massive size of those files and WP7 doesn’t do expandable memory. Hard to find a place to put a few gigs ;)

  4. @Davidk: Shouldnt be a problem if they provide a way to manage the map data allowing you to download just what you need. You only need GB’s of space if you want to download a whole country’s worth of maps, most people dont drive cross country so dont need that much space. Having to manage map data on your storage is much preferable to losing navigation due to losing wireless connectivity. Not sure why companies dont get this, until you can absolutely guarantee a constant, wireless signal these programs are flawed.

  5. Hey congrats guys, turn by turn. Ovi’s just ’round the corner, should be sweet.

    For all you jealous Android fanboys reading this, and I know it ain’t Garmin, but in addition to the route caching you already had with Navigation, which lets you drive off-course for miles with no signal while still being able to reroute, you can now have Google Maps download map data on demand for any areas you select if you’re in the mood. Handy for international trips.

  6. Well, with my 8 Gb SanDisk card my Focus is still working great. (I’ve still got a copy of an early Focus owner’s manual that “approved” the 8Gb class 2 from SanDisk). I’d be willing to give up 2 of my 16 Gb for a North America cache. CoPilot gave us the whole thing in 2 Gb.
    I agree with efjay though: if they give me a good way to control what’s stored in cache, I’d be more than happy. Just download the area I’m traveling to over WiFi before a big trip and clear it when I get home! This sounds like it only does that one route at a time though. I don’t know if my 200 Mb/month plan could keep up…

  7. I have a Garmin dedicated GPS so this looks cool, but I don’t know if I’ll jump since I **do** have the dedicated device plus I don’t buy expensive apps without at least a small trial. I would think that a 2-3 day trial of this would be reasonable.

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